Pacific Dawn currently cruises from her homeport of Brisbane almost all year round, offering cruises both domestically and within the South Pacific.  For those wanting to give cruising a try or looking for the perfect celebration or weekend getaway, Pacific Dawn cruises operate numerous 3 night getaways from Brisbane which sail into the Pacific and circle back, or 4 night breaks from Brisbane to Airlie Beach allowing passengers to disembark and explore the Great Barrier Reef.  The most popular Pacific Dawn cruises are from Brisbane to the South Pacific and more specifically her 7 night round trip itineraries visiting Noumea and New Caledonia, however if you’re looking for a longer islands cruise aboard Pacific Dawn there are a handful of South Pacific itineraries up to 10 nights on offer.  You can also explore more of Queensland onboard Pacific Dawn with 7 night Queensland cruises visiting Airlie Beach, Yorkeys Knob, Port Douglas and Willis Island.  With so much to do, you’ll welcome each morning on Pacific Dawn. Look out to sea from the observation deck, chill out in the three-storey atrium, test your courage at the P&O Edge Adventure park, roll the dice at the casino or dance the night away in The Dome.

From October 2020 Pacific Dawn will be moving out of the tropical north to homeport from Melbourne.  Take a sea break of 3 or 4 nights, discover the coast of Australia or even explore Pacific ports in the South Pacific or New Zealand.

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Relax & Unwind

If Pacific Dawn’s non-stop activities aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps we can interest you in an actual cup of tea? Or maybe a spot of retail therapy? Whether surrendering to sleep-ins, saying hello to the sunrise or even just reading a book as you inhale the fresh sea air, its the little moments of me time that make all the difference.

Aqua fitness
Take a class, use the gym, relax in the sauna or salute the sun. Keeping fit while floating is easy.

The Oasis
Leave your worries behind at The Oasis. It is just like it sounds-a happy, peaceful escape that is all about the downtime.

The Dome
Ascend high above the top deck to The Dome viewpoint. You will get the best view on the ship.

Pool Decks
Get closer to the sun and relax on one of the poolside lounges by our open-air top deck pools.

Aqua Spa
Relax, rejuvenate or get poolside fabulous. We have a range of utterly decadent and relaxing therapies at Aqua Spa.


What sets P&O Cruises Australia apart from other cruise lines? Our commitment to innovative, fresh and fantastic food – otherwise known as P&O’s Food Revolution. There’s a minimum of eight dining experiences onboard each ship, including the Pacific Dawn. From Australia’s only celebrity chef restaurant at sea to a room service snack at any time, there’s something for everyone.

Salt Grill by Luke Mangan
Exclusive to P&O, Salt grill the first Australian celebrity chef restaurant at sea. You’ll love this unforgettable dining experience.

Chef’s Table
Chef’s Table is a dinner you’ll never forget. An exclusive and private dining experience hosted by our Executive Chef.

Our ever popular Asian restaurant, Luna, offers spectacular banquet style menus rotating between a variety of Asian cuisines.

The Grill
Eat alfresco on the top deck at The Grill where the vibe is casual and the meals are mouth-watering.

Plantation Restaurant
Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner Plantation Restaurant offers an ever-changing selection.

With over 40 a la carte menu items for breakfast lunch and dinner Waterfront serves up both classic dishes and cutting edge cuisine.

The Pantry
Eat as many plates as you can and try all the flavours of the world at The Pantry, our interactive-style dining experience.



We have a world of activities for you to discover onboard the Pacific Dawn. From party nights to the P&O Edge Adventure Park, Kids Clubs to the adults-only Oasis – there’s something fun for everyone. Choose from over 60 activities onboard daily or choose to sit by the pool and do absolutely nothing at all. With P&O, the way you holiday is up to you.

flying Fox
Operating both day and night, have your turn to fly through the air and enjoy a bird’s eye view of all the action on top deck!

P&O Edge Adventure Park
P&O Edge Adventure Park is Australia’s largest adventure park at sea. Perfect for those after a serious dose of adrenaline!

Laser Tag
Tag, you’re it! Battle it out with friends and family during an all-ages game of laser tag.

Jackpot Bingo
Think you have lady luck on your side? Try your hand at Jackpot Bingo and you could win big.

Learn Something New
Always wanted to know how to make the perfect latte or dance the cha cha? With a range of classes onboard, we’ll teach you to master all sorts of skills!

Cool off on our fun waterslides!

Play the day away with the kids at our interactive water features in the waterpark onboard.


The sun has gone down but the fun is by no means over yet. After dark get ready for live music, comedy, theme nights, production shows and more on the Pacific Dawn. And the best bit? No tickets or taxis required, the party’s all hear ready when you are.

Spectacular Shows
Dinner and a show will never be the same after a P&O cruise. Our original production shows keep you entertained.

Adults Only Sit Down Comedy Club
It’s a laugh-a-minute at the adults only sit-down comedy club, the perfect place to kick back and relax onboard.

Car Simulator
Drive a car, on a ship. Choose from our fast, faster and fastest race car simulators.

There are roulette and blackjack tables, gaming lessons for beginners and poker machines to bring even more luck to your cruise.

Big Screen
Big entertainment day or night. The Big Screen shows sporting events, movies and even Wii games.

Live Music
From acoustic duos to rocking four piece party bands, we have got a wide range of talented musicians playing live everyday.

Trivia & Game Show
Join in a round of trivia with friends or take part in one of our popular game shows.


  • Capacity: 1,546 Passengers
  • Decks: 11 guest decks
  • Length: 811ft/245m
  • Weight: 70,285 gross tonnage
  • Built: London, UK registration
  • Max Speed: 22.5 knots
DateCruiseShipDepartureReturnMin PriceSave up to*
02 Nov 19
Melbourne Cup 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$961Select-36%
19 Oct 19
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$999,999Select
22 Oct 19
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$999,999Select
26 Oct 19
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$961Select-41%
09 Nov 19
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$913Select-12%
12 Nov 19
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$999,999Select
16 Nov 19
Australia 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,948Select-24%
23 Nov 19
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,157Select-34%
30 Nov 19
Australia 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,233Select-33%
07 Dec 19
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$616Select-14%
10 Dec 19
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$806Select-14%
14 Dec 19
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$550Select-15%
17 Dec 19
Main Events 10 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,659Select-33%
27 Dec 19
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$738Select-12%
30 Dec 19
Main Events 8 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,564Select-30%
07 Jan 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$665Select-15%
11 Jan 20
Australia 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$951Select-38%
18 Jan 20
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,046Select-36%
25 Jan 20
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,046Select-36%
01 Feb 20
80's Cruise 3 Night Sea BreakPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$804Select-11%
04 Feb 20
Comedy 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$532Select-18%
15 Feb 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$598Select-14%
18 Feb 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$568Select-17%
03 Mar 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$482Select-19%
07 Mar 20
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,234Select-33%
21 Mar 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$570Select-14%
24 Mar 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$565Select-18%
28 Mar 20
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$923Select-39%
11 Apr 20
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,082Select-36%
08 Feb 20
Australia 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,045Select-36%
22 Feb 20
Islands 10 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,318Select-38%
14 Mar 20
Australia 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,092Select-35%
04 Apr 20
Australia 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,049Select-36%
18 Apr 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$391Select-19%
21 Apr 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$546Select-19%
25 Apr 20
Australia 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$943Select-39%
02 May 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$427Select-18%
05 May 20
Islands 10 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,784Select-32%
15 May 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$391Select-19%
18 May 20
Islands 12 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,568Select-38%
30 May 20
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$814Select-42%
06 Jun 20
Australia 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,222Select-33%
13 Jun 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$409Select-19%
27 Jun 20
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,062Select-36%
04 Jul 20
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,062Select-36%
11 Jul 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$999,999Select
14 Jul 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$498Select-20%
18 Jul 20
Feature 14 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$2,159Select-35%
01 Aug 20
Australia 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$828Select-42%
08 Aug 20
80's Cruise 3 Night Sea BreakPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$520Select-16%
11 Aug 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$477Select-20%
15 Aug 20
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$768Select-44%
22 Aug 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$705Select-16%
26 Aug 20
Islands 10 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,398Select-37%
05 Sep 20
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,016Select-37%
12 Sep 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$564Select-15%
15 Sep 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$686Select-16%
19 Sep 20
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,035Select-37%
26 Sep 20
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,025Select-37%
03 Oct 20
Australia 7 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$806Select-43%
10 Oct 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$558Select-16%
13 Oct 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$679Select-17%
17 Oct 20
Islands 10 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,304Select-39%
27 Oct 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneMelbourne$466Select-18%
30 Oct 20
Feature 14 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$1,675Select-41%
27 Nov 20
Sea Break 3 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$387Select-20%
30 Nov 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$604Select-18%
04 Dec 20
Sea Break 3 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$488Select-18%
07 Dec 20
Australia 7 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$761Select-44%
14 Dec 20
Australia 5 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$627Select-20%
19 Dec 20
Main Events 8 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$999,999Select
27 Dec 20
Main Events 11 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$999,999Select
13 Nov 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$471Select-21%
17 Nov 20
Feature 10 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$1,209Select-41%
07 Jan 21
Australia 5 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$792Select-17%
12 Jan 21
Islands 12 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$1,766Select-36%
24 Jan 21
Main Events 4 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$705Select-16%
28 Jan 21
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$604Select-18%
01 Feb 21
Australia 7 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$933Select-39%
08 Feb 21
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$604Select-18%
12 Feb 21
Feature 14 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$1,862Select-38%
26 Feb 21
80's Cruise 3 Night Sea BreakPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$506Select-17%
01 Mar 21
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$604Select-18%
05 Mar 21
Sea Break 3 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$488Select-18%
08 Mar 21
Islands 11 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$1,375Select-40%
19 Mar 21
Sea Break 3 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$488Select-18%
22 Mar 21
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$604Select-18%
26 Mar 21
Sea Break 3 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$488Select-18%
29 Mar 21
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$604Select-18%
02 Apr 21
Islands 11 NightsPacific DawnMelbourneMelbourne$1,396Select-40%
16 Jun 20
Sea Break 3 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$578Select-15%
19 Jun 20
Main Events 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$1,033Select-12%
23 Jun 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnBrisbaneBrisbane$487Select-20%


Comedy Cruise Sea BreakSpend a few nights at sea as some of Australia’s best comedians take the stage each night. With the Comedy Cruise Gala (a must-see), an up close and personal chat to the comedians and a cheeky adults-only shows in the Sit Down Comedy Club, there’s something to make everyone smile. If you think you have what it takes to take the stage, try a Comedy Workshop where our pros will give you inside tips. Then, with your new skills, make your debut at the Comedy Gong Show, where our celebrity comedians will judge your performance. Who knows? You could be discovered on the night!
Book By 31-03-2020


P&O Cruises Australia, Melbourne Cup cruises are the best way to enjoy one of Australia's favourite events.Cruise to the most glamorous day of the year and watch the Melbourne Cup live from Flemington. Plus, guest have the chance to upgrade their tickets to sit in the exclusive P&O Enclosure*.As well as the excitement of donning your finest for a day Flemington and watching the race itself, you'll also spend time away from home on a well-earned break. Tickets and transfers to Flemington Race Course are included in your cruise fare*.
Book By 30-10-2020


Pack your cowboy hat and boots and brush up on your line dancing skills! P&O is throwing a country music party in the middle of the ocean with incredible acts, events and experiences for country music lovers.  P&O's FIRST ever Country cruise will be onboard Pacific Dawn departing Brisbane on 7th December 2019.Gold Coast star Casey Barnes who has performed alongside big international names such as Mariah Carey and Bryan Adams will take a break from his sell-out tour to perform his hit songs to more than 2000 guests onboard. The home grown success story will be joined by Country Music Awards Hall of Fame inductee James Blundell and The X Factor Australia singer-songwriter Caitlyn Shadbolt. Each of the three artists will take to the ship’s main stage for a spectacular solo performance before coming together on the final evening for an epic finale at the late night Country Music Jam Session.
Book By 08-12-2019


It's time to travel back in time and rock some seriously big hair! Let us transport you to a true blast from the past on this epic cruise.  We'll provde the disco balls - you bring your neon.
Book By 12-06-2021


For a limited time, book on the 'Value' OR 'Value Plus' Fare and receive a bonus 'Three for All' package:-New Zealand Natural Ice-cream*-Edge Adventure Pass*-Soft drinks Package*PLUS reduced deposits!'Value Plus' also includes wi-fi.
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Book your cruise for just $10 per person deposit*!
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For a limited time, book on the 'Value' OR 'Value Plus' Fare and receive a bonus 'Three for All' package:-New Zealand Natural Ice-cream*-Edge Adventure Pass*-Soft drinks Package* PLUS reduced deposits!'Value Plus' also includes a premium beverage package^ (sailings 7 nights or longer) plus wi-fi.^Melbourne Cup and State of Origin cruises receive a Soft Drinks package in lieu of Premium drinks package.
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Book ONLINE today to take advantage of bonus discounts on already reduced sailings.
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