The art of seduction and enchantment, but also the ability to indulge and fulfil every desire. Costa Deliziosa is delicious by name and by nature: a jewel, a new diamond in the fleet, created to provide you with a unique sensory experience.

Everything on Costa Deliziosa is devoted to pleasing Guests: the furnishings, the mastery of our great chefs, sumptuous buffets, elegant bars, real and virtual fun, the wellness centre, art, innovation.

Perfection in all its forms, plus extraordinary architecture, enrapture and transport you at first glance, stealing you away to a world of unique and welcoming design, far away from the everyday world. Costa Deliziosa is a journey through fun, well-being and innovation.

Ship Facts

Suspended between the sky and the sea

Immerse yourself in life on board: between a drink and a swim, plenty of pampering and other activities await you, as well as a constantly changing scenery.

The cruise hasn’t yet started and you’re already preparing to enjoy a freshly-made cocktail in the sunshine, perhaps sitting by the pool or lying on a comfortable sunbed. Whether it’s summer or winter, the Azzurro Blu Lido has a glass roof that opens and closes to provide relaxation whatever the season.

At the front of the ship, Costa Deliziosa welcomes you to the Acqua Regina Lido, a sunny terrace looking directly out to sea and providing an exhilarating natural environment for your holiday.


  • Entered Service: 2010
  • Passenger Capacity: 2,826 (total beds)
  • Number of Crew: 934
  • Total Cabins: 1.130 (29 for Handicapped Guests)
  • Tonnage: 92.600
  • Length: 965 feet
  • Beam: 106 feet
  • Decks: 17 (13 for Guests Use)
  • Max Speed: 23 Knots
  • Cruising Speed: 21.5 Knots