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Welcome to Cruise Guru’s comprehensive range of round the world cruises and world voyages. Below you will find a summary of the best world cruises from some of the finest cruise lines in the world. This includes the ever-popular Princess world cruises from Australia plus many more options from Cunard, Holland America, Regent Seven Seas and Oceania to name just a few. Full round world cruise itineraries are available, with half-world cruises and even much smaller sectors also on offer. Whether you’re grabbing all your closest friends and are searching for epic world cruises 2022 or looking to the future on select world cruises 2023, we’ll have everything you’ll need.

When and Where do Round World Cruises Commence?

Most world cruises embark in January in the northern hemisphere from popular world cruise embarkation ports including London, Southampton, Rome, Venice, Barcelona, Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Los Angeles and conclude in March, April, or even May. However, Princess world cruises from Australia that depart in May or June each year from Sydney and Brisbane, and return to Australia in August or September.

What cruise lines have World Cruises?

If you’re planning to book a world cruise, you’ll certainly have a treasure trove of cruise lines to choose from. Regardless of budget, cabin preference, or even departure port, there will undoubtedly be a world cruise voyage just waiting for you to book. Here are some world cruise lines that we think you should check out!

Cunard Round the World Cruise

A Cunard round the world cruise allows lucky guests to adventure to fantastical locations throughout the globe in unmatched style and elegance. Whether you’re on a Queen Mary 2 world cruise or hopping aboard a Queen Victoria cruise, you’ll be welcomed to a world of comfort and relaxation unlike anywhere else on the seas. Offering a fantastic array of Cunard world cruise sector options in addition to their growing list of round the world cruises, the cruise line has been the gold standard for longer voyages for many decades, and likely will be for many more years to come. We can’t help but recommend a Cunard round the world cruise!

Princess World Cruise

From 100+ day epic voyages to 30-night jaunts across multiple continents, a Princess world cruise will undoubtedly be nothing short of magical. Hop aboard an Island Princess or Coral Princess world cruise and set sail on a truly enchanting adventure around the globe. Set sail from local cities including Brisbane and Sydney, and travel to extraordinary ports of call, from Rome to New York to Bora Bora. With amazing accommodations, service, and likeminded explorers, you’ll never go wrong with a Princess world cruise.

Holland America World Cruise

A Holland America world cruise promises to be more than voyage, but a grand adventure that guests will remember for a lifetime. Sailing out of Fort Lauderdale, a Holland America world cruise will have you visiting breathtaking cities and marvellous ports of call such as Tokyo, Dubai, Mykonos, and so many more. Step forth onto the magnificent ship Zaandam and be whisked away on a wonderful Holland America round the world cruise.

Can I book a luxury world cruise?

You definitely can book a luxury world cruise! You might think the pool to choose from would be small, but it’s actually quite easy to find plenty of choices to book a luxury cruise around the world. Whether it’s a Seabourn world cruise, Silversea world cruise, or even the previously mentioned Cunard round the world cruise, each cruise line offers plenty of benefits that’ll ensure you’ll remain well taken care of for the entire voyage. With such a long voyage ahead of you, it makes sense that you’d want nothing but the best, and a luxury world cruise is most definitely that.

Don’t have enough time to complete a full luxury world cruise? Not to worry, many of these grand voyages offer luxury world cruise sectors and segments that can hopefully fit your own timetable and budget.

How long does a world cruise take?

World cruises often take at least 100 days to encompass the entire globe. More often than not, a world cruise can take between 120 to 140 days depending on the itinerary and to also allow guests plenty of time to truly experience each destination in its fullest). There is nothing worse than hopping of your ship during your world cruise and being told you only have 3 hours to explore the entire city! If you’re worried that a full round the world cruise might take up too much time, cruise lines often offer world cruise sectors, allowing you to experience some or most of the voyage.

Contact Cruise Guru for the Best World Cruise Deals

Cruise Guru likes to ensure that the booking process for our world cruises and world voyages is simple and straightforward, as well as competitively priced. However, we also have a dedicated and experienced world cruise team with a wealth of knowledge available to answer your questions, offer advice and insights, and make sure that you choose the most suitable world cruise for you. Need help booking your world cruise? We’ll gladly help you every step of the way. Call us today on 1300 857 537 and one of our cruise experts will be very happy to assist. For the very best world cruise deals, look no further than the experienced and trusted team at Cruise Guru, where all our guests are cruise gurus!

Princess World Cruises

Coral Princess World Cruise 2022

Round trip from Sydney (107 nights)
18 May to 3 September 2022

Round trip from Brisbane (107 nights)
20 May to 5 September 2022

Highlights: Discover the natural wonders of Komodo Island in Indonesia; Explore the vibrant modern-streets of Singapore; Uncover the historic culture of Colombo in Sri Lanka; Stay overnight and explore the hyper-rich and ultra-modern city of Dubai; Spend a romantic evening with a loved one along the beautiful canals of Venice; Sunbathe in the Mediterranean while relaxing in Santorini, Rome, and Barcelona; Visit the impressive regal city of London; Gaze upon the breathtaking northern lights in Reykjavik and Ísafjörður; Bite into mouth-watering New York pizza before exploring its bustling streets; Dance the night away after a relaxing day by the beach in Miami; Explore South American delights in Lima and Pisco; Relax while reveling in the tropical paradise of the South Pacific. Embark on this phenomenal Princess world cruise from Australia!

Coral Princess World Cruise 2023

Round trip from Sydney (107 nights)
4 June to 20 September 2023

Round trip from Brisbane (107 nights)
6 June to 22 September 2023

Island Princess World Cruise 2022

Round trip from Fort Lauderdale (111 nights)
3 June to 20 September 2022

Round trip from Los Angeles (111 nights)
5 June to 22 September 2022

Highlights: Experience the incredible at the Panama Canal; visit the iconic Venice Beach in Los Angeles; get some much-needed sunshine at the sandy shores of Honolulu; encounter glorious mountain ranges at Fjordland National Park; saunter past world-renowned landmarks in Sydney; ride through bustling streets on a Tuktuk at Bali; taste delectable street market delicacies at Singapore; enjoy unmatched luxury while visiting the ultra-modern city of Dubai; have unforgettable moments whilst exploring the busy streets of Jerusalem; fall in love with travel while adventuring through Mykonos; gaze upon millennia-old historic sites in Rome; chase the romance in Florence; order some flavourful French cuisine in Marseille; grab some much-needed me-time in the Canary Islands; cross the Pacific back to Fort Lauderdale.

Holland America Line World Cruises (Grand Voyages)

Zaandam Grand World Voyage 2022 & 2023

Round trip from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (128 nights)
3 January to 12 May 2022

Round trip from Fort Lauderdale, Florida (127 nights)
3 January to 11 May 2023

Highlights: Thaw your toes and get covered in sand on the tropical beaches of Caribbean islands; cruise the Amazon River, and iconic journey; explore inland Brazil with stops at ports along the Amazon; transit the Panama Canal; dance the streets of the Mexican Riviera; cruise the idyllic islands of the Pacific Ocean including Hawaii and Guam; hop through Japan’s bustling cities; immerse yourself in the culture of China and Vietnam; cruise the Indian Ocean into the UAE; traverse the Suez Canal; visit the Holy Land with stops in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv; explore vibrant medieval cities and laid back coastal towns of the Mediterranean; cross the Atlantic into the USA.

Bookings are only available for Zaandam’s 2022 Grand World Voyage by calling 13 13 03.

Seabourn World Cruises

Seabourn Sojourn World Cruise 2023

Sydney to Barcelona (81 nights)
7 March to 27 May 2023

Highlights: Enjoy the crystal water and white sand beaches of the Caribbean islands; sail to unforgettable French Polynesia; hop from one idyllic paradise to the next with visits to Easter Island, Bora Bora, and the Cook Islands; cross the international dateline and experience picture-perfect destinations in the South Pacific including stops in New Caledonia, Fiji, and Samoa; make your way via Papua New Guinea and explore the stunning Australian coastline; immerse yourself in the exciting culture and delectable cuisine of Indonesia; cross the Indian Ocean and relax in the picture-perfect Indian Ocean islands of the Seychelles and Maldives; voyage down Africa’s eastern coast including visits to Tanzania and Kenya on your way to South Africa; discover the wild of Africa’s western coastline stopping by wonderful countries such as Namibia, Ghana, and Senegal; adventure up northern Africa and land at the beautiful Spanish city of Barcelona.

Regent Seven Seas World Cruises

Seven Seas Mariner World Cruise 2022

Round trip from San Francisco (120 nights)
5 January to 5 May 2022

Highlights: Set sail on your Seven Seas Mariner world cruise from the sunny shores of Honolulu; soak up the sun and delectable cocktail at Papeete; let your cares fade away at Bora Bora; explore the amazing city of Auckland; gaze upon jaw-dropping views at Rotorua; fall in love with travel while sailing through Dunedin; visit the iconic Sydney Harbour; sink into the white sand at Airlie Beach; unwind while walking through Darwin; experience the bouncing city of Bali; saunter through the magnificent Gardens by the Bay at Singapore; taste some delectable Asian flavours at Ho Chi Minh City; marvel at the incredible city of Hong Kong; immerse yourself in Japanese culture in Nagasaki, Kobe, or Tokyo; see spectacular glaciers while sailing through Seward and Ketchikan; grab some flavourful Canadian cuisine at Vancouver before heading back to San Francisco, finishing up your Seven Seas Mariner world cruise.

Seven Seas Mariner World Cruise 2024

Round trip from Miami (132 nights)
6 January to 17 May 2024

Cunard Line World Cruises

Queen Mary 2 World Cruise 2023

New York to New York (117 nights)
3 January to 30 April 2023

Southampton to Southampton (102 nights)
11 January to 23 April 2023

Highlights: Cross the Atlantic and start off your adventure at Southampton; head on down to the magnificent streets of Heraklion and visit bucket-list landmarks; experience the incredible while exploring the modern streets of Dubai; taste exotic South-East Asian flavours at Kuala Lumpur; meet the Merlion and the Gardens by the Bay at Singapore; explore the harbour of Hong Kong; get up close to nature while at Darwin; completely unwind while relaxing at Airlie Beach; visit Chinatown and the Opera House while at Sydney; take a free tram and truly explore the humming streets of Melbourne; sip on some local wines at Adelaide; party it up or take a leisurely stroll down the beach at Cebu; explore the bustling city of Cape Town; cross the Atlantic once more back to New York.

Queen Victoria World Cruise 2023

Hamburg to Hamburg (105 nights)
9 January to 25 April 2023

Southampton to Southampton (101 nights)
11 January to 23 April 2023

Highlights: Head on over to Southampton; cross the Atlantic and explore the city of New York and St. Maarten; encounter delightful aquatic wildlife while visiting Cabo San Lucas; take a photo near the Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco; head into the Pacific and go island hopping at Honolulu; enjoy some much-needed tranquility at Tauranga; grab some delicious multi-cultural cuisine at Auckland; climb the Harbour Bridge at Sydney; walk the seemingly endless beach near Cairns; take a Jeepney and embark on a journey through Manila; take a fantastic family day at Universal Studios in Singapore; saunter through the busy markets of Colombo; explore the stunning modern city of Dubai; travel through the Suez Canal then visit the romantic city of Naples; continue your journey all the way back up to Hamburg and finish up your Queen Victoria world cruise.

Viking World Cruises

Viking Star World Cruise 2021 & 2022

Fort Lauderdale to London (135 nights)
24 December to 9 May 2022

Los Angeles to London (118 nights)
10 January to 9 May 2022

Highlights: Head to some unforgettable diving spots while exploring Cozumel; relax by the shoreline at Puntarenas; order your favourite cocktails while living it up at Cabo San Lucas; visit Hollywood or kick back by the beach at Los Angeles; go for a riveting forest hike or get your tan on at Honolulu and Bora Bora; do some much-needed shopping at Auckland; immerse yourself in Maori culture at Rotorua; throw all your cares away at Hobart; climb atop the Harbour Bridge and gaze upon panoramic views in Sydney; splash out by the turquoise waters at the Whitsunday Islands; hike through the vibrant rainforests at Komodo Island; order some local delights at Ho Chi Minh City; explore Gardens by the Bay in Singapore; tour through the jam-packed streets of Mumbai and Bombay; encounter the ancient city of Luxur; take it easy while exploring Rhodes; walk past unforgettable architecture at Istanbul; order some authentic Italian cuisine in Naples; visit the heart of Spain in Barcelona; stroll through the red-roofed alleys of Lisbon; sail up to London.

*Itineraries and ports of call are all subject to change. Cruise Guru reserves the right to correct any errors inaccuracies or omissions and to change offers, fares and surcharges at any time without notice.

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