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Adventure Asia with a cruise from Tokyo

Boasting a fascinating culture unlike anywhere else in the world, cruises from Tokyo feature an exceptional selection of itineraries that let you truly explore the wonders of Asia. Whether you wish to cruise from Tokyo to Hong Kong or board a phenomenal cruise from Tokyo to Australia, we have a perfect sailing just right for you! With so many destinations to visit and an abundance of cruise lines that make port regularly, it’s not surprising why millions of tourists visit the Japanese capital every year. Start planning your next adventure today and take a look at our fantastic cruises departing from Tokyo.

A sprawling city with a jaw-dropping size that expands beyond the horizon, it’s definitely worth your while to explore the many sights and sounds Tokyo has on offer before or after your voyage. Stroll through centuries of Japanese history by visiting historic temples such as Meiji Jingu or Senso-Ji. Reach unbelievable heights by taking an elevator ride up Tokyo Skytree or Tokyo Tower for a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city. Spend an afternoon at the various themed cafés and anime-inspired stores in Akihabara or saunter through the world-famous crossing in Shibuya. Your itinerary will be jam-packed with extraordinary activities – and that’s not even including your cruise! So what are you waiting for? Organise your next memorable holiday with Cruise Guru today.