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Explore Japan with a cruise from Kobe

Uncover a dazzling hidden gem of Japan when you embark on an extraordinary cruise from Kobe. One of the most populous cities in Japan, Kobe is a bustling metropolis that every adventurer needs to explore before their astounding Far East cruise. Whether you wish to hike up and experience jaw-dropping views from Mount Rokko, rejuvenate your body at the Arima Onsen, or take in the local history at one of the remarkable museums, every style of adventure is accounted for in Kobe, Japan. You can also join one of the incredible tours from Kobe cruise port that may visit awe-inspiring historical sites such as Himeji Castle, Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto, and Ikuta shrine.

What you absolutely cannot miss out on, whether you’re in for a week or for only a night before your cruise from Kobe, is their food and drink. Try out one of their mouth-watering cuts of Kobe beef and instantly be transported to a world of wonder. You should also head over to Kobe’s Nada district and visit one of the renowned Sake breweries that lets you taste some of the best rice wine available in all of Japan. So start packing your bags today and set sail on an enchanting cruise from Kobe!