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Cruises from Honolulu – Cruises departing from Honolulu, Hawaii

Chase the sunshine with a Honolulu cruise!

Whether you want to relax by the beach, hike through gorgeous nature reserves, or witness the various volcanoes, cruises from Honolulu has something for everyone. Cruise Guru has over 150 cruises from Honolulu on offer that allow you to embrace the ‘aloha’ of the Hawaiian Islands. From fantastic short cruises from Honolulu to immensely popular cruises from Honolulu to Australia, scroll down now and take a look at the amazing cruise deals on offer year-round. With cruises departing from Honolulu, Hawaii occurring weekly, these voyages are the perfect addition to any Hawaiian holiday!

Hawaii epitomises island paradise – swaying palm trees, crystal blue water and pristine white sand. If you decide to book on one of the exceptional cruises from Honolulu, Hawaii, we strongly recommend extending your holiday and spending some time in the wonderful capital city. Walk along the soft and white sands of Waikiki Beach before taking a dip in its pristine waters. Discover the immense war history of Honolulu by visiting Pearl Harbour and its National Memorial. Grab a snorkel or diving kit and explore the almost 2000 kilometres of stunning coral reef and its endemic aquatic wildlife. With all this and more, booking a Honolulu cruise has never been so tempting.