For unparalleled comfort and relaxation, there is nothing that beats the decadence of luxury cruises. From the second you step aboard a luxury cruise ship, guests are transported to a grand and sophisticated world that aims to take you on holiday unlike any other you have experienced. Whether it be the unmatched service from suite to shore, delectable dining with cuisine crafted by world-class chefs, or the extraordinary itineraries and ports of call, luxury cruises are simply better than the rest when it comes to luxury travel.

Now, you might come to the conclusion that choosing any of the luxury cruise liners of the world will give you instant access to opulence, but it isn’t that easy. Every luxury cruise company – while naturally ticking off all the essentials for luxury cruises – has their own unique benefits that help them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

To help you discover the wonders of each luxury cruise company, we at Cruise Guru have created this little guide. We’ll go over our favourite luxury cruise liners of the world and why each one might be perfect for you. If you need a little extra help, we have a nifty tool that’ll help you find the perfect cruise line for you in no time. Planning your next adventure has never been easier!

Luxury cruise liners of the world



For those that love prestigious and authentically refined luxury cruises, Silversea is perfect for you. The all-inclusive and privileged lifestyle is what Silversea strives for on any of its luxury cruises, leading to a sophisticated experience unmatched by anything on the ocean. With lavishly decorated suites, deeply personalized and door-to-door service, as well as divine fine dining options, Silversea have truly mastered the luxury cruise adventure.

But luxury cruises aren’t just about the luxury cruise ship, and Silversea has a marvellous selection of itineraries that visit over 900 destinations across the globe. Plus, with each of these ports of call featuring an excellent range of immersive onshore excursions, every moment ashore will be just as extraordinary as those onboard.

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Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent Seven Seas

Boasting breathtaking views from each of it’s all-suite accommodation options, Regent Seven Seas luxury cruises are all about bringing guests “An Unrivalled Experience” no matter the destination.

Wonder how they do this? Well, it all starts with their ‘all-inclusive’ approach that ensures every guest never has to pull out their credit card and as a result, can focus on one thing – relaxation. That means unlimited shore excursions, unlimited beverages, complimentary specialty dining, and so much more are all included. Furthermore, with a selection of onboard activities ranging from insightful enrichment programs to spectacular evening entertainment, there’s no luxury cruise company that matches the quality that Regent Seven Seas provide.

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Ponant Cruises


Founded in 1988, Ponant has rapidly grown as one of the pioneers in luxury cruises, introducing thousands of guests every year to seafaring travel, but with an authentically French twist. From the refined French cuisine at its dining venues and sophisticated décor in each luxury cruise ship, to their first-class service, no stone is left unturned with Ponant.

What’s more, with a fantastic selection of voyages to well-known and exotic destinations across the globe, there will definitely be an itinerary that perfectly matches your tastes. Whether it’s Antarctica or Asia, the Mediterranean or the Arctic, Ponant luxury cruises have something for you.

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Seabourn Cruises


If you’re an explorer that appreciates attentive service and decadent travel but doesn’t want to feel restricted by an uptight or cramped environment, Seabourn is a match made in heaven! Each luxury cruise ship has been masterfully crafted and designed to exude elegance without ever feeling stuffy. Guests onboard are welcomed to an atmosphere akin to a private club, meaning guests never feel pressured to wear a suit and tie every night.

In addition, luxury cruises with Seabourn have been intensely curated, with their smaller sized ships allowing access to hidden harbours and gems unreachable by mainstream cruise lines. This, alongside their meticulous curation, has led to Seabourn winning many awards as the best luxury cruise company in the world.

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Cunard Cruises


Miss the Golden Era of cruising? Then Cunard is by far the best choice for you. Embracing the traditional style of cruising, guests on a Cunard cruise are welcomed to its famed white-gloved service, a service for which people all over the globe come back for every year. What’s more, with their selection of world voyages on offer, you can travel from Sydney to Southampton and only have to unpack your bags once!

For a truly luxurious holiday aboard any Cunard Line ship, we strongly recommend booking one of the Queens Grill Suites. These commodious spaces offer the pinnacle of luxury, with your very own personal butler available at any point during the voyage.

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Virgin Voyages Cruises

Virgin Voyages

While Virgin Voyages is not considered your traditional luxury cruise, when you book on one of their vibrant RockStar Suites, guests enjoy one of the most unique, innovative, and truly spectacular ways to sail the seas. Newly founded and ready to make a major splash, Virgin Voyages aims to take luxury cruising in a new direction, with thrilling onboard activities, enticing dining options which are centred around socialisiation rather than separation, and exciting new technologies.

All these innovations focus on redefining modern cruising and welcoming a new generation of sailors who might be turned away by the more traditional style of cruise. Plus, with a wealth of inclusions such as dining and Wi-Fi, coupled with the fact that there are no children onboard, we recommend checking out Virgin Voyages when you plan your next luxury cruise.

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