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Cruises from Abu Dhabi

Experience grandeur with a cruise from Abu Dhabi

Those searching for a magical way to explore the Persian Gulf or the Middle East need to look no further than booking one of the incredible cruises from Abu Dhabi. Offering an amazing selection of itineraries that reach enchanting destinations across the Middle East and around the world, booking a cruise from Abu Dhabi promises unforgettable memories unlike any other. Boasting extraordinary locations filled with stunning architecture, tantalising cuisine, and a vibrant culture, booking a holiday from Abu Dhabi will not disappoint.

If you decide to extend your trip with an extra couple of days in Abu Dhabi before or after your voyage, you’ll be sure to enjoy an exciting and enriching experience. A cultural capital with a plethora of forward-thinking innovations throughout the city, visitors will continuously be amazed by what’s on offer throughout Abu Dhabi. Visit the awe-inspiring mosques such as the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and experience some of the most intricately designed religious sites across the globe. Spend an afternoon exploring the extraordinary Louvre Abu Dhabi, a gorgeous museum featuring artworks from the likes of Picasso and Da Vinci. Adventure the local region with a phenomenal desert tour or relax on the waterfronts or public beaches. With so much on offer at all times of the year, there is no better way to experience the United Arab Emirates than in Abu Dhabi. Gather your closest friends and book into one of the excellent cruises leaving from Abu Dhabi today!