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Cruises from Quebec City

Wander through the cobbled streets of Quebec City!

Boasting a unique combination of French and American influence, a cruise from Quebec City opens travellers up to a world of adventure throughout the fantastic continent of North America. However, if you decide to take a day or two to explore the wonderful city of Quebec, you will not be disappointed. Stunning architecture is present throughout the amazing locale with an abundance of beautiful stoned buildings lining the streets. In addition, the UNESCO World Heritage listed Old Quebec (or Vieux-Quebec) features the oldest commercial avenue in North America as well as the Séminaire de Québec, a famous museum that held the first university of Canada.

More than just its heritage, taking some time before your Quebec City cruise allows you to experience a vibrant and thriving culture. Fabulous French cuisine is abundant, charming live musicians and performers entertain year-round, and phenomenal festivals fill up the calendar with excitement throughout the four seasons. Start organising your next cruise from Quebec City now and rediscover your desire to travel today!