Rotterdam Skyline with Erasmusbrug bridge in morning , Netherlands





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Cruises from Rotterdam

See awe-inspiring architecture with a cruise from Rotterdam

The largest port in Europe and the essential starting point for voyages from the Netherlands, taking a cruise from Rotterdam is nothing less than special. With its unique glass-covered skyscrapers and an eternally changing horizon, Rotterdam immediately stands out amongst many European cities and is an absolute treat for tourists. Spending some time in the city before taking a cruise from Rotterdam offers passengers the chance to explore not only the pioneering post-WWII architecture but the flourishing art and design culture the city has to offer. Featuring an abundance of art galleries and museums, Rotterdam might be a dream come true for the artistically inclined traveller.

Located in the Netherlands, Rotterdam has steadily nurtured a now prosperous food scene, with a plethora of restaurants and dining venues offering flavoursome dishes. Once the evening hits, adventurers can then discover the bustling nightlife, with a selection of buzzing clubs or intimate bars to keep patrons busy the whole night through. Before heading on your enchanting cruise from Rotterdam, be sure to explore the wonderful metropolis!