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Cruises from Valletta

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Cruises from Valletta, the capital of Malta, provide travellers with the opportunity to visit beautiful locales from Europe to Africa with ease. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Valletta is bursting with centuries of culture simply asking to be explored. With striking architecture throughout the city and incredible stone-bricked landmarks packed with immense history, Valletta is the perfect leaping point for any Mediterranean holiday. Take a look at our wonderful cruise deals from Valletta, for the chance to discover the golden beauty of Malta and surrounds.

Cruise Guru has on offer over 100 fantastic cruises from Valletta at inexpensive prices with a number of well-known and trustworthy cruise lines. Finding outstanding and cheap cruise deals from Valletta have never come easier by simply perusing our list of available sailings. For those who want to stop by a specific port of call or only want to sail with a specific cruise line, you can do so with our nifty search functions. Take a look at our cruise deals from Valletta and start your adventure today!