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Departure Port:
DateCruiseShipCruise LineDeparture PortReturn PortInsideInsideOceanviewOceanviewBalconyBalconySuiteSuiteSave up to*Year
26 Oct 19
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$1,854$265Select-29%2019
02 Nov 19
Melbourne Cup 6 NightsPacific ExplorerP&O Cruises AustraliaSydneySydney$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$3,310$552Select2019
02 Nov 19
Melbourne Cup 7 NightsPacific DawnP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$961$137$981$140$1,465$209$1,951$279Select-36%2019
08 Nov 19
Islands 7 NightsPacific AriaP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$1,611$230$1,660$237Select-29%2019
09 Nov 19
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$913$304$926$309Select-12%2019
15 Nov 19
Sea Break 3 NightsPacific ExplorerP&O Cruises AustraliaSydneySydney$999,998$999,998$713$238$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998Select-10%2019
16 Nov 19
Australia 7 NightsPacific DawnP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$1,948$278$999,998$999,998Select-24%2019
18 Nov 19
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific ExplorerP&O Cruises AustraliaSydneySydney$571$143$613$153$711$178$1,169$292Select-35%2019
19 Nov 19
Islands 10 NightsPacific AriaP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$1,239$124$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998Select-39%2019
22 Nov 19
Comedy 3 NightsPacific ExplorerP&O Cruises AustraliaSydneySydney$621$207$644$215$677$226$1,041$347Select-14%2019
23 Nov 19
Islands 7 NightsPacific DawnP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$999,998$999,998$1,157$165$1,422$203$1,704$243Select-34%2019
25 Nov 19
Islands 10 NightsPacific ExplorerP&O Cruises AustraliaSydneySydney$1,194$119$999,998$999,998$1,176$118$1,661$166Select-55%2019
29 Nov 19
Australia 6 NightsPacific AriaP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$1,317$220$1,703$284Select-12%2019
30 Nov 19
Australia 7 NightsPacific DawnP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$1,286$184$1,233$176$1,366$195$1,891$270Select-33%2019
07 Dec 19
Country Music 3 NightsPacific DawnP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$616$205$538$179$684$228$829$276Select-28%2019
09 Dec 19
Australia 5 NightsPacific ExplorerP&O Cruises AustraliaSydneySydney$881$176$929$186$992$198$2,336$467Select-30%2019
10 Dec 19
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific DawnP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$834$208$806$201$886$222$1,418$354Select-14%2019
13 Dec 19
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$999,998$999,998$561$187$725$242$1,041$347Select-14%2019
14 Dec 19
Comedy 3 NightsPacific ExplorerP&O Cruises AustraliaSydneySydney$496$165$545$182$585$195$846$282Select-25%2019
17 Dec 19
Christmas 10 NightsPacific DawnP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$1,613$161$1,468$147$1,759$176$2,244$224Select-41%2019
17 Dec 19
Christmas 10 NightsPacific ExplorerP&O Cruises AustraliaSydneySydney$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$999,998$3,155$315Select-31%2019
27 Dec 19
Comedy 3 NightsPacific ExplorerP&O Cruises AustraliaSydneySydney$663$221$803$268$945$315$1,509$503Select-13%2019
27 Dec 19
Comedy 3 NightsPacific DawnP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$999,998$999,998$738$246$1,032$344$1,181$394Select-12%2019
28 Dec 19
New Years 9 NightsPacific AriaP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$999,998$999,998$2,120$236$3,598$400$4,153$461Select-27%2019
30 Dec 19
New Years 9 NightsPacific ExplorerP&O Cruises AustraliaSydneySydney$1,806$201$1,855$206$1,951$217$2,631$292Select-32%2019
30 Dec 19
New Years 8 NightsPacific DawnP&O Cruises AustraliaBrisbaneBrisbane$999,998$999,998$1,564$195$1,893$237$999,998$999,998Select-30%2019

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