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Costa Deliziosa Cruises

Experience pure pleasure

Created to seduce, charm, satisfy and fulfil every desire, Costa Deliziosa is the perfect ship to give you a unique sensory experience, from the grand theatre to the spectacular 4D Cinema and the Samsara Spa. A ship that represents design in its most spectacular form.

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All-Around Fun

We challenge you to experience new thrills

Golf or Grand Prix? On Costa Deliziosa, virtual fun provides incredibly real sensations.

You’ll have your entire holiday on Costa Deliziosa to try out the “C” Wonders: 5 exciting activities organized to test your abilities. Virtual Golf, the most highly evolved game simulator installed on a ship.

Or there’s the Grand Prix Simulator, where you can experience all the adrenalin of a high speed race for yourself.

You can then move on to the outdoor roller-skating rink, the Golf Area with putting green and the 4D cinema, making your cruise a thrilling experience for all your senses…

What make it special?

On Costa Deliziosa, cruising becomes an art. The majestic “Sphere” by Arnaldo Pomodoro in the great Hall welcomes you to a world of sparkling beauty. Every detail reveals the attention paid to ensuring the most elegant design and perfection.

A regenerating cruise can give you a sense of well-being as great as the ocean itself. The immensity and tranquility of the sea are enclosed in an island of well-being: the Samsara Spa. Massages, treatments, therapies and oriental rituals are all provided to delight your body and mind among rose petals and aromatic essences.

Among all the forms of pleasure, pure excitement is a must. On Costa Deliziosa you can display your prowess as a champion Golf player or Grand Prix driver, enjoy a movie surrounded by the four dimensions of the 4D Cinema and be enchanted by the lights, colours and choreographies of the Duse Theatre.


  • 1,130 cabins in total, including: 52 with direct access to the Samsara Spa, 662 with private balcony, 106 suites with private balcony, 4 suites with direct access to the Samsara Spa
  • 4 restaurants, including two (Club Deliziosa and Samsara Restaurant) at an additional charge*, by reservation only
  • 11 bars, including a Cigar Lounge and a Coffee & Chocolate Bar
  • 4 Jacuzzis, 3 pools, one with a retractable cover, one for children
  • Samsara Spa: 3,500 m2 on two levels, with gym, Thalassotherapy, treatment rooms, sauna, Turkish bath, UVA-ray solarium
  • Samsara Spa: 3,500 m2 on two levels, with gym, Thalassotherapy, treatment rooms, sauna, Turkish bath, UVA-ray solarium
  • Multipurpose sports pitch, Pool deck with retractable glass roof and giant screen
  • 4D Cinema, Theatre on three levels, Casino and Disco
  • Grand Prix Simulator, Golf Simulator, PlayStation World

*Lunch and dinner at the Samsara Restaurant are included in the price for Guests in the Samsara Cabins and Suites

Wellness and Pure Energy

The luxury of our own private space

An island of five-star pleasure: Samsara Spa offers massages, treatments, therapies and oriental rituals.

The feeling of harmony you experience after a treatment, massage or ancient ayurvedic ritual is impossible to describe.

The aromas and scents penetrating your skin, your muscles unknotted and completely relaxed, your mind empty. In the Samsara Spa you’ll find new, intense and relaxing sensations in an intimate and elegant environment.

Ask our staff to advise you on the best treatments for restoring balance and harmony to your body and transforming your holiday into a cruise of utter well-being.

Delighting Your Palate

Sail on an ocean of delights

Cruising brings art to the dining table. Sumptuous buffets and three splendid restaurants exalt the excellence of our food.

Costa Deliziosa has an astonishing range of Mediterranean and exotic flavors in store for you. Temptations and delicacies at any time of the day and late into the night. All kinds of refined dishes are available to ensure a cruise of pure gastronomic delight.

Give in to every temptation: from an a-la-carte dinner in the Deliziosa Club Restaurant to the stylish Albatros Restaurant, from lunch at the Muscadins Restaurant Buffet to unmissable spectacle of culinary art at the Grand Midnight Buffet.

The Magic of the Night

The show is about to begin

Experience a different thrill every night: theatre lights, cinema, music in the bar or disco…

Night-time on board a ship is magical in itself: surrounded by the immensity of the ocean, beneath a universe of stars, encircled by the breeze and the smell of the sea…

You’ll also find music in the Excite Piano Bar, dancing in the Sharazad disco, the Sugar Cafeteria, the Tabac Blonde Cigar Lounge, shows in the Duse Theatre, the Casino…

One cruise is not enough to experience all the spectacle and seductive atmosphere of a night on Costa Deliziosa.



1,130 cabins in total, including: 52 with direct access to the spa, 662with private balcony, 106 suites, allwith private balcony,4 suites withdirect access to the spa

Restaurants & Bars

  • 4 restaurants, including the Club Restaurant and the Samsara Restaurant at an additional charge and by reservation only.
  • 11 bars, including a Cigar Lounge and a Coffee & Chocolate Bar

Wellness & Sport

  • Samsara Spa: 3,500 m2 on two levels, with gym, baths, thalassotherapy pool, treatment rooms, sauna, Turkish bath, UVA-ray solarium, Cabins and Suites
  • 4 Jacuzzis
  • 3 pools, including one with a retractable cover
  • Multipurpose sports pitch
  • Outdoor jogging and roller skating tracks


  • 4D Cinema
  • Casino
  • Grand Bar with dance floor
  • Pool deck with retractable glass roof and giant screen
  • Library
  • Virtual World, Squok Club, Children’s pool
  • Theatre on three levels
  • Disco
  • Grand Prix Simulator with single-seater racing car
  • Internet Point
  • Shopping Center


There are 340 original works and 4,756 prints on board. The artistic project includes both young artists and great masters. Arnaldo Pomodoro’s “Sphere” is installed on Costa Deliziosa.

Everyday Pleasures

Suspended between the sky and the sea

Immerse yourself in life on board: between a drink and a swim, plenty of pampering and other activities await you, as well as a constantly changing scenery.

The cruise hasn’t yet started and you’re already preparing to enjoy a freshly-made cocktail in the sunshine, perhaps sitting by the pool or lying on a comfortable sunbed. Whether it’s summer or winter, the Azzurro Blu Lido has a glass roof that opens and closes to provide relaxation whatever the season.

At the front of the ship, Costa Deliziosa welcomes you to the Acqua Regina Lido, a sunny terrace looking directly out to sea and providing an exhilarating natural environment for your holiday.


  • Entered Service: 2010
  • Passenger Capacity: 2,826 (total beds)
  • Number of Crew: 934
  • Total Cabins: 1,130 (29 for Handicapped Guests)
  • Tonnage: 92,600 t
  • Length: 965 feet
  • Beam: 106 feet
  • Decks: 17 (13 for Guests Use)
  • Max Speed: 23 Knots
  • Cruising Speed: 21.5 Knots