Panoramic view of Bari seafront in the background Basilica San Nicola. Apulia.





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Cruises from Bari

Experience the Mediterranean with a cruise from Bari

A lively and traditional port city with a thriving food scene that promises to tantalise the tastebuds, cruises from Bari are destined to impress any traveller who decides to spend some time in this splendid city. Whether you want to cruise from Bari to Santorini or a lovely voyage to the romantic waterways of Venice, cruises leaving from Bari, Italy are well worth the trip. Great for those who wish to truly explore Italy as well as the neighbouring countries, gather all your friends today and start organising your next Mediterranean holiday with a cruise from Bari.

We also highly recommend extending your trip before your cruises from Bari in order to fully explore this wonderful harbour city. With so much to offer on just the food alone, from exceptional seafood cuisine to a flourishing street food market, you might be tempted not to leave for your upcoming seafaring adventure! Not only that, Bari has a selection of beautiful places that need to be seen, from wandering the streets of Old Town and strolling through The Basilica of San Nicola (Saint Nicholas aka Santa Claus) to seeing the impressive Bari Castle. Start your next adventure in the Mediterranean with a much needed cruise from Bari!