Encompassed by breathtaking mountains and moments away from awe-inspiring fjords, cruises from Oslo offer some of the best ways to explore Norway. Whether you’re yearning for a Norway cruise from Oslo or desire to wander off to other incredible Northern European destinations, we’re certain that a voyage from this capital city will be one to remember. What’s more, with a rich history that’s also embraced modern innovations, a cruise from Oslo to Bergen and beyond is destined to be filled to the brim with exciting activities and experiences to take part in.

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Explore a stunning city before your Norway cruise from Oslo

The marvels of Norway await, but before you sail away on your Oslo cruise, make sure you take a minute or two to explore this splendid city. Celebrating its rich Viking history whilst also embracing exciting modern developments, Oslo is jam-packed with riveting things to do for all ages and travel styles. Go on a foodie trip and hop from one restaurant to the next or dine at the northernmost three-Michelin-starred restaurant in the world. Dance the night away at one of their bouncing clubs and bars with plenty of world-class live musical acts. Escape the city and explore the incredible waterways and islands only a few hours away.

Explore extraordinary natural wonders on a fjord cruise from Oslo

Once you depart on your cruise from Oslo, a treasure trove of Northern European delights awaits! By far the biggest attraction on any Norway cruise from Oslo is the iconic fjords that encompass the tranquil country. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to gaze upon gushing waterfalls, soaring mountain ranges, and lush forests home to incredible local wildlife. You’ll also be able to enrich yourself with the amazing Viking history that awaits at each port of call. Plus, if you’re a lover of beer, you have the chance to taste some of the delectable local craft beers in various Norwegian cities including Bergen and Alesund.

Destinations for cruises from Oslo, Norway

If you plan to book a cruise from Oslo, there are two key destinations to visit – Norway and Northern Europe. For Norway cruises from Oslo, the enchanting fjords are yours to explore. You’ll have a number of brilliant itineraries to choose between from cruise lines including Hurtigruten cruises, PONANT, and naturally Norwegian Cruise Line. Set off from your Oslo cruise and make your away across this extraordinary coastline. As you do, you’ll be making pitstops to magical cities including Alesund and Bergen. Most Norway cruises from Oslo typically only go as north as Trondheim as conditions further north can get rather cold and unsafe for some guests. Hurtigruten and a few cruise lines offer a number of expedition-style cruises that sail all the way north and into the Arctic Circle. However, do bear in mind costs can be higher and you’ll need to pack plenty of layers to keep you warm!

Your other option for Oslo cruises is the Northern European region at large! You can choose to head east into the Baltic Sea where you have the opportunity to visit amazing European countries including Sweden, Finland, Poland, and more. Alternatively, there’s usually a number of exciting cruises heading westward that explore either Iceland or the United Kingdom. Northern Europe cruises from Oslo can sometimes be combined with Norwegian sports, so you might even get the best of both worlds if you book on the right voyage.

For other cruise ports with similar itineraries, we recommend checking out cruises from Copenhagen, cruises from Hamburg, and cruises from Stockholm.

Frequently Asked Questions for Oslo cruises

Can you walk into Oslo from your cruise ship?

Have no fear, the Oslo Cruise Terminal is located in the city’s heart. That means you’ll be able to walk into Oslo and wander through its brilliant sights and sounds in seconds. Practically next to Akershus Fortress, and only a short walk away from other major landmarks including The Royal Palace, the Oslo Cathedral and the Oslo Opera House, exploring the city before your voyage is easy!

What are some things to do in Oslo?

Offering rich history and contemporary delights, travellers of every kind will find themselves with a packed schedule during their visit to Oslo. Love history? Then we recommend checking out Akershus Fortress as well as the Norwegian Museum of Cultural History! For breathtaking views, we suggest making a spot at the Holmenkollen Ski Museum and Tower where you get the chance to experience a complete panoramic view of Oslo as well as try out their riveting ski simulator. Want something in nature? Then you can visit Vigeland Sculpture Park or plan out a hike to Øyungen Lake.

Can you see the Northern Lights from Oslo?

Yes, but it only happens once or twice a year! Unfortunately, with the amount of light pollution and being one of the more southern points of Norway, the chances of you seeing the Northern Lights while in Oslo are slim. To really give yourself the best chance to see it, we recommend heading further north and travelling a fair distance away from the cities that can generate light pollution.  An absolute must during any cruise from Oslo, your cruise line typically will have a shore excursion dedicated to seeing the Northern Lights. If you want to essentially guarantee your shot at seeing Aurora Borealis, then make sure you book in!

Organise the trip of a lifetime with a group cruise from Oslo!

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