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Cruises from Paris (Le Havre)

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A flourishing cultural capital boasting rich history and masterful art, taking your next cruise from Paris will undoubtedly be magical! While Paris cruises sail you to captivating ports of call, taking a day or two before your voyage to explore “the City of Lights” is more than worth your time. From the marvellous Eiffel Tower, the phenomenal Arc de Triomphe, to the awe-inspiring Louvre Museum, your cruise from Paris is full of unforgettable sights and fantastical sounds before you even leave. Start planning your next dream holiday from Paris with Cruise Guru now!

Cruises from Paris, France board from the second largest port in the country known as Le Havre. This gorgeous seaport in the Normandy region is perfectly located to take you and your friends on extraordinary cruises across Europe. Featuring incredible landmarks and superb modern art museums, Le Havre is a sublime port to begin your next journey from France. Check out our list of super superb sailings and discover affordable cruise deals from Paris boasting exclusive rates and amazing discounts only available at Cruise Guru!