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Cruises from Santiago (Valparaiso and San Antonio) Chile

Explore South America with a cruise from Santiago, Chile

For the culture-loving adventurer seeking to soak in the grand architecture or dine at mouth-watering eateries then celebrate the night away with the Chilean nightlife, a cruise from Santiago is perfect for you. With a jaw-dropping, panoramic backdrop of the Andes Mountains, Santiago is simply bustling with remarkable activities for travellers to join in. We highly recommend taking your next cruise from Santiago!

With plenty of sights to see such as the Cathedral of Santiago, Santa Lucia Hill, or La Moneda Palace, you will be spoilt for choice and buzzing around from landmark to landmark. Take a look at our extensive selection of exciting cruises from Santiago and uncover the right voyage for you. With the lowest prices and exclusive packages, Cruise Guru ensures that you always have the best cruise deal available.