Arcadia is exclusively for adults, a mid-sized ship

Combining the chic with the classic, Arcadia offers a relaxed pace, stylish surroundings and more than a hint of extravagance. Arcadia’s signature features such as her exterior glass-fronted lifts and expansive art collection, featuring no less than 3,000 works of art, create a sophisticated air. Foodies will be spoilt for choice in the two-tier main restaurant, or for a treat Atul Kochar’s spice sensation Sindhu will set your taste buds alight.

Dedicated to your enjoyment

Arcadia offers a wonderful blend of features tailored to relaxation and pampering. Step aboard and you’ll find that you are spoilt for choice. In addition to an expansive spa, with thermal suite and hydro-therapy pool, Arcadia houses an art gallery, a three-tiered theatre and a boutique cinema – you’ll always find something to keep you entertained.

Explore the world

Explore the world with Arcadia on one of her exotic-fly cruises, or experience the once in a lifetime full World Cruise. Walk on the best beaches, look out from the tallest buildings, meet the most interesting wildlife and behold the ultimate natural wonders. Or, to get a taste of Arcadia let her take you on a trip a little bit closer to home.

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There’s never a dull moment on board Arcadia, when it comes to entertainment and things to do we’ve something for everyone.

  • The Palladium
  • The Screening Room
  • The Globe
  • Monte Carlo Casino
  • Dazzling West End style performances in theater
  • Comedy shows
  • Cabaret
  • Live music, piano recitals and tribute bands
  • Night clubs
  • Dance classes
  • Pub quizzes


There are plenty of daily activities on board Arcadia to keep you busy. She has everything a discerning cruiser could want, bars, pools, sports venues and shops. You can relax by the pool or enjoy a theatre featuring some of the most lavish and spectacular shows at sea.

  • Sea day activities
  • The Library
  • Art Gallery
  • Photo gallery
  • Shopping
  • Pools
  • The Retreat
  • Sports

The History of Arcadia

The name Arcadia stems from Greek history
Arcadia was a mountainous and picturesque district of Greece inhabited by shepherds and beautiful young women. In poetic fantasy Arcadia was a pastoral paradise and the birthplace of Pan, the god of Flocks and Shepherds, who wandered the mountains playing his panpipes. Today it is commonly associated with contentment and rural happiness.


  • The Ocean Grill – Marco Pierre White restaurant
  • Two tier main restaurant
  • The Belvedere – Buffet restaurant
  • East – restaurant by Atul Kochhar
  • 3 tier Palladium theatre
  • The Crow’s Nest lounge and bar
  • The Globe for comedy and live music
  • The Screening Room 30 seat cinema
  • Oasis Spa with hydropool and thermal suite
  • Ocean view gymnasium
  • 1 pools with skydome
  • 5 whirlpool spas

Passenger Facilities

The facilities provided on this ship for all passengers to enjoy are as follows:

  • 3 deck atrium
  • 14 bars – British pub, cocktail bar, nautical bar, 2 deck bars
  • 2-tier main restaurant
  • Deck grill
  • 24-hour food court
  • Oriental restaurant
  • Fine dining restaurant
  • Coffee and chocolate bar
  • 1 outdoor pool and 5 jacuzzis
  • 1 indoor/outdoor swimming pool with retractable Skydome
  • 2 shops
  • 3-tier theatre
  • Alternative entertainment venue
  • Casino
  • Night Club
  • Library
  • Observation lounge with panoramic views
  • Cyb@study
  • Spa including thermal suite and hydro-therapy pool
  • Hair salon
  • Relaxation lounge
  • Life-enrichment suite
  • Art gallery
  • Touch-screen photo gallery
  • 14 passenger lifts, including 2 panoramic lifts on side of ship

Health and Well Being

Food for body, mind and soul

With her expansive spa and gymnasium, Arcadia is a haven for well being. All that fresh sea air, combined with the opportunity to relax and unwind is a great tonic for the stresses of everyday life. Step on board and you can let those tensions melt away with a relaxing treatment in the luxurious Oasis Spa. Arcadia’s expansive spa has everything from a couples treatment room to a thermal suite and hydrotherapy pool, making it a heavenly place to spend a few hours.

You can also tone up in the ocean-view gymnasium, or even learn how to use her kinesis room, Diversions. Healthy options on the menu help you indulge guilt-free. And daytime activities from Tai Chi to yoga, Reiki and aromatherapy encourage a holistic approach to staying healthy.

Health and well being

  • Aquarius Pool
  • Diversions
  • Gym
  • Neptune Pool
  • The Retreat
  • Sports Court
  • Promenade Deck

Salon and spa

  • Oasis Spa


Enjoy world class dining on board Arcadia

Foodies will be spoilt for choice in the two-tier main restaurant offering a choice of Club Dining – the same table at the same time each evening – or Freedom Dining with no fixed seating or dining times.

  • Meridian
  • Afternoon Tea
  • The Belvedere
  • Poolside snacks
  • Sindhu & The Ocean Grill

Arcadia: Past to Present

The name Arcadia has followed us through several eras from 1954 to the present day. Each ship of this name catered for the needs of the British passenger, and the evolution over time can be seen below.

During the time period of 1887 – 1915, the name was christened upon a ship with a Gross Tonnage of 6,603 and a Passenger Capacity of 410.

Following the the second world war, the Arcadia was brought back during the years of 1954 – 1979. This ship supported more than three times the passengers of its predecessor. This Arcadia had a Gross Tonnage of 29,664 and a total Passenger Capacity of 1,405.

More recently, history has been paid a tribute during the years of 1989 – 2003. During those years the name Arcadia belonged to a magnificent ship of 63,524 Gross Tons and a Passenger Capacity of 1,458. This ship provided a modest increase to the number of passengers but an enormous increase to the available amenities to be experienced while onboard.

Now, starting in 2005, the Arcadia will be used in the P&O Fleet on a super liner of 85,000 Gross Tons with enough room to accommodate 1,952 honored guests (a 34 percent increase of the total passenger capacity).

Life on Board

Contemporary cruising

Arcadia’s contemporary and innovative experience is not just confined to her stylish rooms and decor. You’ll find that everything from the cuisine to the spa facilities, daytime activities and evening entertainment possess a modern flair. Arcadia’s accommodation comes complete with flat screen televisions. Her rooms are adorned with modern art works by leading British artists. And guest speakers invite you to learn about anything from garden design to wine tasting, color therapy and Reiki.

In fact, choices abound on board. So you can be enjoying a wonderfully leisurely time in Arcadia’s luxurious spa one moment, and be tearing around the sports court the next. Or savoring a relaxed poolside snack in the afternoon and being wowed by spectacular cuisine by evening. Watching a grand scale production and aerial acrobatics in the three-tier theatre or being entertained by a lone comedian, center stage. Varied, exciting and eclectic, life on board child-free Arcadia is certain to provide you with some unforgettable experiences.


  • Country of registry: Bermuda
  • Port of registry: Hamilton
  • Entered service: April 2005
  • Named by: Dame Kelly Holmes
  • Gross Tonnage: 83,500 tons
  • Length Overall: 285 meters (935 feet)
  • Breadth: 29.2 meters (96 feet)
  • Draught (full): 7.8 meters (26 Feet)
  • Service Speed: 24 Knots
  • Crew: 880
  • Regular Passenger Capacity: 2016
  • Maximum Passenger Capacity: 2388
  • Passenger Decks: 11
  • Passenger Cabins: 1008
DateCruiseShipDepartureReturnMin PriceSave up to*
21 Jun 19
3 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$999,999Select
24 Jun 19
19 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$999,999Select
13 Jul 19
7 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$1,660Select
20 Jul 19
14 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$3,125Select-35%
03 Aug 19
16 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$3,185Select-32%
19 Aug 19
14 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$3,390Select
02 Sep 19
14 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$2,870Select-18%
16 Sep 19
24 Night Canada / New England CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$5,808Select
10 Oct 19
19 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$3,991Select
29 Oct 19
28 Night Caribbean CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$5,438Select
03 Jan 20
99 Day World CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$19,730Select
03 Jan 20
25 Day World CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSan Francisco$4,858Select
03 Jan 20
42 Day World CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonAuckland$12,759Select
03 Jan 20
47 Day World CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSydney$5,140Select-56%
03 Jan 20
49 Day World CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonBrisbane$999,999Select
28 Jan 20
22 Day World CruiseArcadiaSan FranciscoSydney$4,318Select
28 Jan 20
41 Day World CruiseArcadiaSan FranciscoHong Kong$8,135Select
15 Feb 20
57 Day World CruiseArcadiaAucklandSouthampton$11,997Select
20 Feb 20
19 Day World CruiseArcadiaSydneyHong Kong$3,454Select
20 Feb 20
23 Day World CruiseArcadiaSydneySingapore$5,054Select
20 Feb 20
52 Day World CruiseArcadiaSydneySouthampton$12,356Select
22 Feb 20
17 Day World CruiseArcadiaBrisbaneHong Kong$3,285Select
22 Feb 20
50 Day World CruiseArcadiaBrisbaneSouthampton$10,756Select
10 Mar 20
14 Day World CruiseArcadiaHong KongDubai$3,635Select
10 Mar 20
33 Day World CruiseArcadiaHong KongSouthampton$7,235Select
14 Mar 20
29 Day World CruiseArcadiaSingaporeSouthampton$5,811Select
24 Mar 20
19 Day World CruiseArcadiaDubaiSouthampton$3,246Select
26 Nov 19
12 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$1,948Select-43%
08 Dec 19
11 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$1,349Select
19 Dec 19
10 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$2,564Select-14%
29 Dec 19
5 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$1,404Select
12 Apr 20
14 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$2,606Select
26 Apr 20
19 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$3,629Select
15 May 20
16 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$3,017Select
31 May 20
16 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$3,223Select
16 Jun 20
19 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$4,256Select
05 Jul 20
7 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$1,592Select
12 Jul 20
16 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$3,223Select
28 Jul 20
12 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$2,614Select
09 Aug 20
12 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$2,605Select
21 Aug 20
16 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$3,439Select
06 Sep 20
30 Night Canada / New England CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$7,135Select
06 Oct 20
12 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$2,093Select
18 Oct 20
19 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$3,001Select
06 Nov 20
19 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$2,815Select
25 Nov 20
12 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$2,232Select
07 Dec 20
12 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$1,595Select
19 Dec 20
10 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$2,975Select
29 Dec 20
5 Night Europe CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$1,580Select
03 Jan 21
99 Day World CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSouthampton$20,335Select
03 Jan 21
24 Day World CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSan Francisco$5,063Select
03 Jan 21
42 Day World CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonAuckland$8,879Select
03 Jan 21
47 Day World CruiseArcadiaSouthamptonSydney$9,567Select
27 Jan 21
23 Day World CruiseArcadiaSan FranciscoSydney$4,415Select
27 Jan 21
39 Day World CruiseArcadiaSan FranciscoHong Kong$8,524Select
15 Feb 21
57 Day World CruiseArcadiaAucklandSouthampton$12,631Select
20 Feb 21
16 Day World CruiseArcadiaSydneyHong Kong$3,314Select
20 Feb 21
23 Day World CruiseArcadiaSydneySingapore$5,425Select
20 Feb 21
52 Day World CruiseArcadiaSydneySouthampton$11,746Select
08 Mar 21
17 Day World CruiseArcadiaHong KongDubai$3,793Select
08 Mar 21
36 Day World CruiseArcadiaHong KongSouthampton$7,717Select
15 Mar 21
29 Day World CruiseArcadiaSingaporeSouthampton$6,105Select
25 Mar 21
19 Day World CruiseArcadiaDubaiSouthampton$3,560Select
27 Jan 21
46 Day World CruiseArcadiaSan FranciscoSingapore$999,999Select


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