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Ride the wave on Resilient Lady cruises

Hop on one of the marvellous Resilient Lady cruises sailing to the Mediterranean and create long-lasting memories you’ll tell your closest friends and family for years to come. Sailing from its home port of Piraeus (Athens), Greece, Resilient Lady cruises set off on amazing adventures to destinations across the region including Mykonos, Dubrovnik, Barcelona, and many more. With so many magical itineraries to choose from filled to the brim with bucket list port of calls, Resilient Lady cruises might be your best way to explore the Mediterranean in ultra-modern luxury.

While we all book for the destination a cruise visits, the journey to each locale is just as important, and that’s where the beautifully designed Resilient Lady truly shines. Offering guests a truly incredible selection of cabins and RockStar Quarters, each meticulously crafted with innovations unlike any other cruise line, your stay onboard will be nothing short of remarkable. Plus, with a vast (and we mean it) array of onboard activities and things to do, there will never be a dull moment when you sail on Resilient Lady. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your friends today and set off on a brilliant Resilient Lady voyage.

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Resilient Lady Cabins & Accommodation Options


You’ll never make the wrong choice when you choose any category of cabin onboard Resilient Lady. Designed with a distinct ultra-modern feel and packed with cutting-edge innovations in travel, guests are welcomed to a space that aims to continuously impress.

A must for those who love to adventure throughout the day and well into the night, the Insider cabin is a cosy escape with all the essentials (and a little more) to comfortably relax and prepare for tomorrow. Love to get a taste of your destination before setting out on your day? Then the Sea View cabin is the place to be! With a porthole window facing off into the blue horizon, we wouldn’t be surprised if you get caught daydreaming while gazing off into the waves. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet during your Resilient Lady cruise, then the Sea Terrace is right for you. Boasting a lovely outdoor balcony, the Sea Terrace all but guarantees unending relaxation as you sail away to your next destination.

RockStar Quarters:

Jam-packed with marble bathrooms, massive outdoor terraces, and lovely living spaces that could potentially welcome additional guests for a lovely dinner or lunch, the RockStar Quarters are for those who want a taste of that VIP lifestyle. Want to level up your stay aboard Resilient Lady even further? Well, there’s no better place to book than one of the magnificent Mega RockStar Quarters. Living in these phenomenal suites will instantly have you feeling like an A-List celebrity, with a massive European king bed, a bottomless in-room bar, and exclusive Richard’s Rooftop access.

Dining options on Resilient Lady

The Wake

Extravagant and nostalgic, The Wake is a must-visit culinary experience for anyone sailing aboard Resilient Lady. Boasting an exquisite seafood and steak menu, guests who step past its grand doors are welcomed to a beautifully decorated modern space that harkens back to the 50s. Whether you’re looking for a delectable meal from the sea or from the grill, we’re sure there will be something for you to taste at The Wake.

Razzle Dazzle Restaurant

So, you’re trying to find a restaurant on Resilient Lady that serves vegetarian food, but your friends currently have an appetite for some meat. Where exactly do you go? The answer: Razzle Dazzle Restaurant. Boasting a menu that features vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free meals alongside some cheeky meat dishes, every person in your friend group will surely have something to order when they visit Razzle Dazzle. With a great mix of healthy and naughty dishes to choose from, Razzle Dazzle is the perfect party pleaser when you need a quick bite to eat on Resilient Lady.

Cafes & Bars:

  • Sun Club Café
  • Gym & Tonic

Other Dining Options:

  • Pink Agave
  • The Test Kitchen
  • Gunbae
  • Lick Me Till… Ice Cream
  • The Dock
  • The Dock House
  • Extra Virgin
  • The Pizza Place
  • The Social Club Diner
  • The Galley
  • Noodle Around
  • Bento Baby
  • The Sweet Side
  • Well Bread
  • Diner 7 Dash
  • Burger Bar
  • Hot off the Press
  • Let’s Taco Bout It
  • The Daily Mix

Activities & Things to do

The Red Room

Looking for the inspiring, enthralling, and unforgettable? Grab yourself a seat at The Red Room, a multi-form theatre at sea that demands your undivided attention once you step foot in its doors. Featuring forward-thinking live shows and productions performed by experienced entertainers, dancers, and so much more, we’re sure you’ll be amazed by what awaits at The Red Room every night. What’s more, The Red Room during the late-night transforms into an open dance party, with bouncing music sure to keep any crowd pumping well into the evening.

Redemption Spa

Any Resilient Lady cruise is not complete without booking yourself into a rejuvenating treatment at the Redemption Spa. Virgin Voyages know explorers like yourself hop on their sailings for some much needed self-care, and the Redemption Spa is the perfect place to go. Step into the mud room, relax in the salt room, lounge about in the steam room, there is so much to choose from at the Redemption Spa that you simply need to come back again and again.

Other Activities and Things to do:

  • The Manor
  • Aquatic Club
  • The Groupie
  • Voyage Vinyl
  • The Casino
  • The Social Club
  • The Arcade
  • Build & Balance
  • Bike & Burn
  • Training Camp
  • The Tune Up
  • Dry Dock
  • Stubble & Groom
  • Squid Ink
  • Well-Being Pool
  • The Athletic Club
  • The Perch
  • The Runway