Oceania Cruises was formed in 2002 by luxury cruise industry veterans Joe Watters and Frank Del Rio and is the world’s only upper premium cruise line. Explore exotic destinations onboard their intimate and luxurious ships and carefully selected itineraries. Their unique itineraries are wide-ranging, and experience a sophisticated, stylish and distinctly mid-size cruising experience. Be sure to enjoy an unrivaled level of personalised service as a result of having two staff members for every three guests onboard. Cuisine, Comfort, Service and outstanding value are the pillars that define Oceania Cruises’ five-star product and have positioned the line as the cruise company of choice for travellers seeking a truly refined and casually elegant travel experience.

Oceania Cruises from Australia and New Zealand

Locally, Insignia and Regatta offer a truly refined, yet elegant travel experience with cruises from Sydney and Auckland in our warmer summer months, with extended itineraries through the South Pacific, New Zealand and through Asia of 14 nights and up to 53 nights or more. Oceania Cruises offers unique off-the-beaten-path cruise options – including a world cruise segment from Sydney to Los Angeles via Vanuatu, Fiji, and the Hawaiian islands of Hilo, Oahu and Kauai.

International Cruises

Internationally, Marina, Nautica, Riviera and Sirena along with Insigniaoffer an extensive range of cruises through Europe.  Oceania cruises in the Mediterranean have departures from the popular Barcelona, Rome and Venice as well as Lisbon, Monte Carlo and Athens, while their cruises in Northern Europe set sail from Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Stockholm with a few Dublin, Oslo and Southampton departures thrown in mix.  These often very unique itineraries can take you to once-in-a-lifetime ports, including those in Iceland and the northern tip of Norway.

Across the Atlantic Ocean, Oceania Cruises has an extensive program of itineraries departing from American ports.   Departing from Seattle and Vancouver, Oceania cruises in Alaska have a large number of longer itineraries allowing its passengers to immerse themselves in the rugged Alaskan landscape.  Or warm yourself up with an Oceania cruise in the Caribbean – departing New York and Miami, these cruises range in duration from 7 to 14 nights, but you’ll tend to find the greatest number of ten night itineraries with some even offering multiple port stops in Cuba.

Looking for Oceania cruises in South America? Experience the wondrous coastlines of the Chilean and Patagonian peninsula with departures from Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Lima and Miami.  Or tick the next item off your buck-list with an Oceana cruise in Panama Canal offering a central American and Caribbean adventure in one.

Closer to home, Oceania cruises in Asia offer some truly extensive explorations with itineraries ranging between 14 to 35 nights.  These cruises visit some fantastic ports including those in Thailand, Vietnam, China and Japan, as well as some more obscure countries including Myanmar, India and Sri Lanka.

World Cruises

Five of Oceania’s luxury ships offer world voyages and world cruise segments. Check out the newly released 2020 World Voyage aboard Insignia.  Click to view 2020 sailings.  For expert advice from our most well travelled and experienced cruise consultants, call our dedicated world cruise desk on 1300 857 537. More information on the Sirena‘s world cruise (with available segments) departing in June 2018 is also available on our world cruises page.

Best Cruise Deals

View the latest Oceania cruise deals offering a wide range of bonuses including exclusive discounts and free Wifi, as well as your choice of bonus shipboard credit, beverage packages, shore excursions.  To find your dream Oceania cruise, use our Cruise Finder tool and book online or contact us for expert advice from our team’s expert knowledge of Oceania.