As of November 2019, Carnival Splendor will be re-positioning from Los Angeles to call Australia home! Take a short Sea Break of three or four nights or cruise to Tasmania.  Alternatively get out into the tropical island paradise that is the South Pacific, visiting the tranquil islands of Vanuatu and New Caledonia.

If you’re itching to get on board beforehand, check out all of Carnival Splendor‘s fabulous international itineraries.  She is currently homeporting in Los Angeles with explorations down the western coastline of North America.  Head south for a seven night adventure in the Mexican Riviera.

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It’s hard to tell which onboard space best represents Carnival Splendor – they all seem to hint at the amazing time you’re going to have. El Morocco Lounge hosts comedy shows, musical performances, karaoke and more… and wears its 1930s namesake clearly on its nameplate. The words “Royal Flush Casino” incite visions of winning, while the onboard jazz club’s moniker – The Cool – simply says it all without saying a word. And the Pinnacle Steakhouse can be found not only at the height of elegant dining, but at the apex of the ship.

If you like your fun to flow, there are options aplenty. If you list “splish” and “splash” among your favourite terms, there is the Splash Park. Those into sitting and sliding are invited to try the signature Carnival Twister Waterslide. How about floating or swimming around? Carnival Splendor has pools all over the place, including the midship pool featuring a retractable roof that makes any day a pool day. So whether you splish or splash, you’ll find hydro-excitement galore

If getting up and making the crowd go wild with your dance moves is your idea of a good time, Lip Sync Battle: Carnival is our idea of a great idea. Or if relaxation is more your thing, Serenity Adult-Only Retreat is more your place. Or if you’re looking to take relaxation to the extreme, direct your attention to the Cloud 9 Spa, featuring more (and better) ways to kick back than just about anywhere else, on land or at sea. You haven’t lived until you’ve relaxed in a Thalassotherapy pool, or chilled — so to speak — in a dry heat chamber.


Seaday Brunch

Forget what “they” say – the most important meal of the day is brunch. Slumberers can sleep in and still enjoy breakfast favorites, while early-risers get a head-start on lunch. And Seaday Brunch brings everybody’s favorite mid-morning meal to your Carnival Splendor cruise, and does it right. You’ll enjoy huevos rancheros, special french toast, loaded mac-n-cheese…and yes, more ways to cook eggs than we even thought was possible. Chow down and fuel up – you’ve got lots of exploring to do, across the ship, for the rest of the day.

Dining Room

“Hey, which side does the fork go on?” is a question you’ll never have to ask at a dining room dinner aboard a Carnival Splendor cruise… we set the table for you. We also bring to the table a full three courses in an experience that’s filling, but never stuffy – after all, you’re just as likely to catch waiters table-dancing as you are to order dessert. Dessert’s included (along with the rest of your meal, by the way) in your fare. But don’t skip straight to dessert, because the main course is the main attraction – drop in daily and enjoy a rotating menu of delectable favorites like steak, roasted duck, scallops and prime rib.

Tip: When you book, choose Early Dining or Late Dining for reserved seating nightly, or go with Your Time Dining to chow whenever the clock strikes “hungry.”

Lido Restaurant

Featuring a nice variety of casual dining options like Mongolian Wok, Chef’s Choice, Salad Bar, Carnival Deli and more, the Lido Restaurant has something – or more likely, at least a few somethings – to satisfy your craving. With plenty of indoor and outdoor seating and food options for everyone, you can enjoy your personal favorites while dining in the company of family and friends. It’s also where you can find our pizza station and soft serve and frozen yogurt… both open 24 hours a day, which ought to be enough for anybody.


Turn your special vacation in the direction of delicious – book a table for an unforgettably delectable evening at the Steakhouse. Our menu features mouthwatering premium cuts of beef cooked to your exact specifications, as well as a fantastic selection of seafood, entrees, gourmet appetizers and an extensive wine list. The atmosphere pairs remarkably well with – and perhaps even enhances – the culinary creations of our gourmet chefs.

Tip: Like any destination restaurant, reservations are highly recommended, and can be made online after booking your cruise. Your meal includes an appetizer, salad, entree, side and dessert.

*Fee applies

Bottomless Bubbles

Enjoy ice-cold refreshments during meals, during shows, during, well… anytime you want with Bottomless Bubbles. This unlimited soda program lets you indulge in all-you-can-drink soda and juice for the full length of your cruise. Sweet! Bottomless Bubbles is available for purchase at the Lobby, Casino and Pool Bars.

Note: Bottomless Bubbles is not applicable to Room Service purchases, and can only be purchased for the entire length of your cruise.

Coffee Bar

Pause your vacation and treat yourself to a well-deserved break with a specialty coffee drink or freshly-brewed tea plus some delicious homemade pastries. Or, for an even sweeter option, stop by for a milkshake, slice of cake or cookie.

*Fee applies

Mongolian Wok

Chow down on some delicious Asian goodness. First, select your noodles and veggies. Then tell one our chef which sauce and meat you want in the wok. Will it be mussels and Szechuan? Beef and Thai barbecue? Chicken and black bean? Do not worry, the decision does not have to be final you can come back to Mongolian Wok and try all the combos your heart desires!

Burrito Bar

Roll it, wrap it, stuff it – however you like it, you’ll love these made-to-order burritos. Customize each one with your choice of freshly grilled chicken, beef or shrimp. Since no burrito is complete without salsa and sour cream, you can pile it on as thick as you’d like. For that extra kick, make yours as hot or as mild as your taste buds can handle – whatever makes you smile (or wince, as it may be). So make sure you take a guac over to Burrito Bar for your fresh-mex fix.

Ship Highlights

Carnival Splendor offers a host of on-board features and facilities, highlighted by a 21,000-square-foot health and fitness center – one of the largest at sea – which will feature Carnival’s first elaborate thermal suite and thalassotherapy pool covered by a glass dome. Surrounding the facility will be 68 exclusive “spa staterooms” – also a first for Carnival.

Guests in spa staterooms will have exclusive entry access to the adjacent spa facilities and will receive a wide array of special offerings including priority spa appointments, unlimited use of the thermal suite and thalassotherapy pool, complimentary fitness classes and other amenities.

Its family-friendly facilities will include a water spray park on Lido Deck, along with a two-level 5,500-square-foot children’s play area – the largest in the Carnival cruises‘ fleet, part of the line’s “Camp Carnival” program – along with a teen club featuring a dance floor, DJ and high-tech sound and lighting system, part of Carnival’s “Club O2” program.

A comprehensive golf program with opportunities to play top European and Caribbean courses will also be available.

Of the ship’s 1,503 spacious staterooms, more than 60 percent will offer an ocean view or private balcony – ideal for scenic European cruising.


Cloud 9 Spa – Thalassotherapy Pool

On a Carnival Splendor cruise, the vast and beautiful sea is all around you. You can do all the looking you want from the ship, but sorry no touching allowed. (We’re sure you’ll understand.) That’s what the thalassotherapy pool at the onboard Cloud 9 Spa is for! Get your sea-water fix and soak completely in it, easily absorbing all the relaxing, rejuvenating benefits of the trace elements and vitamins you’ll find in nature. Oh, and here’s one thing you’ll only find in our special pool: water jets that massage and invigorate. Mother Nature’s great, but she can’t do that.

*Fee applies

Twister Waterslide

Above the ship you’ll find the shining sun, but that’s not all – basking in its rays is a gleaming symbol of fun, a monument to merriment… a sign of splashy-good times to come. Spot the spiraling Twister Waterslide atop the Carnival Splendor and you can be sure that your vacation comes complete with twists, turns and squeals of thrilled delight. Countless gallons of water course through the entire length of this slide, so you’re by no means dry when you start, but by the time you reach the end – hundreds of feet later – you reach new levels of soaking, splashing down in that classic waterslide photo-finish: hands-up, eyes wide and nothing but exhilaration on your face.

Carnival’s Seaside Theatre

Night time isn’t the only time to see stars on your cruise. Day or night, find a spot on deck and check out the huge poolside screen – it’s Carnival Seaside Theater Hit movies, live sporting events, concerts and even cartoons for the kids are just some of what you’ll find featured at this large-scale outdoor entertainment zone. Grab a copy of the FunTimes and check the day’s listings… then grab a friend or three and get ready to kick back and enjoy.

The Punchliner Comedy Club

i goComedy clubs on land well, it’s kinda funny. Nobody likes paying cover charges, and you know that two-drink minimum? They’ve gotta be joking! You won’t find either of these at The Punchliner Comedy Club aboard your Carnival Splendor cruise. Up on stage you will find some real pros who know how to wedge a little laughter into anyone’s evening. You can count on these comedians to not hold back either. Since some of them get up and say exactly what’s on their mind, we also schedule family-friendly performances… so the only red faces in the audience are from laughing a little too hard.


Get up and get down at the most happenin’ club in the Caribbean. Our DJs are spinning today’s hottest hits and yesterday’s golden oldies, guaranteed to get you out of your seat and tapping your feet. (Hey, that rhymed!) Whether you’re doing the robot or the worm or just swaying to the music, you’ll want to dance ’til the sun rises. Or at least ’til last call. Oh yeah… our themed parties are pretty fun too.

Camp Ocean

When families cruise onboard Carnival Splendor, even the smallest fish in the pond have a big, awesome time. Okay, so it’s actually way more than just a pond – it’s Camp Ocean. At Camp Ocean, 2-11 year-olds stay busy, keep active and have fun as they enjoy all new ocean-themed activities and entertainment made for kids. We put campers into supervised, age-based groups and give each a cool marine-life label that’s sure to raise the sails on camaraderie at sea. The littlest little ones – ages 2 to 5 -join the Penguin colony and engage in activities like Musical Icebergs and Ocean Bingo… even learning a thing or two about buoyancy! The little-biggers, 6 to 8, are the way-cool Stingrays, who might be found enjoying Pirate Game Night, making sea salt art or even designing their own aquarium. The big fish are the Sharks – ages 9 to 11 – who really sink their teeth into playing Marine Life Trivia, creating a giant ocean mural, and scoring big with games and sports competitions. Our counselors, each with education or childcare experience, are there to make sure everyone in these small groups has an amazing time.

Serenity Adult-Only Area

Somebody at Carnival Splendor knows just what you need, and it’s pretty much exactly the Serenity Adult-Only Retreat. Look, you’ll still be on the same ship as the kids, the hoopla, and all the Carnival-style excitement… but you could easily forget, because when you’re at Serenity you could not be further from it all. The world you’ll find yourself in is one of complete peace, sea breezes, swaying hammocks and, of course, a nearby bar. It’s the place to get done the kind of stuff you just can’t seem to do anywhere else – reconnect with your partner, finish that book, or do absolutely, blissfully, nothing at all.


  • Gross Tonnage: 113,300 tons
  • Length: 952 feet
  • Guest Capacity: 3,012
  • Onboard Crew: 1,150
DateCruiseShipDepartureReturnMin PriceSave up to*
25 Nov 19
Repo 15 NightsCarnival SplendorSingaporeSydney$2,637Select
11 Dec 19
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$815Select-35%
19 Dec 19
Main Events 9 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,078Select-51%
28 Dec 19
Main Events 9 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$2,048Select-13%
06 Jan 20
Islands 10 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,544Select-50%
16 Jan 20
Sea Break 4 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$824Select
20 Jan 20
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,106Select
28 Jan 20
Islands 9 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,204Select-17%
06 Feb 20
Sea Break 4 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$558Select-81%
10 Feb 20
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,077Select
18 Feb 20
Australia 5 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$817Select-24%
23 Feb 20
Islands 7 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$838Select-16%
01 Mar 20
Islands 10 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$899Select-30%
11 Mar 20
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$766Select-75%
19 Mar 20
Sea Break 3 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$396Select-11%
22 Mar 20
Islands 12 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,299Select-58%
03 Apr 20
Islands 7 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$678Select-26%
10 Apr 20
Sea Break 3 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$605Select-27%
13 Apr 20
Islands 11 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,351Select-56%
24 Apr 20
Sea Break 3 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$396Select-27%
27 Apr 20
Islands 10 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$899Select-71%
07 May 20
Sea Break 4 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$509Select-16%
11 May 20
Islands 9 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$850Select-72%
20 May 20
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$828Select-34%
28 May 20
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$723Select-76%
05 Jun 20
Sea Break 4 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$577Select-14%
09 Jun 20
Islands 10 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,098Select-25%
19 Jun 20
Sea Break 3 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$401Select-24%
22 Jun 20
Islands 11 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,206Select-18%
03 Jul 20
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$980Select-27%
11 Jul 20
Islands 9 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,320Select-17%
20 Jul 20
Australia 10 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,133Select-64%
30 Jul 20
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$737Select-21%
07 Aug 20
Sea Break 3 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$411Select-24%
10 Aug 20
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$766Select-24%
18 Aug 20
Islands 10 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,156Select-17%
28 Aug 20
Sea Break 3 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$411Select-25%
31 Aug 20
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$931Select-19%
08 Sep 20
Australia 9 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,098Select-16%
17 Sep 20
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$834Select-73%
25 Sep 20
Sea Break 4 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$558Select-15%
29 Sep 20
Islands 10 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,205Select-22%
09 Oct 20
Sea Break 3 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$464Select-17%
12 Oct 20
Islands 9 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$913Select-14%
21 Oct 20
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$737Select-76%
29 Oct 20
Sea Break 3 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$362Select-21%
01 Nov 20
Main Events 6 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,318Select-13%
07 Nov 20
Islands 10 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,224Select-16%
17 Nov 20
Islands 9 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,078Select-15%
26 Nov 20
Sea Break 4 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$427Select-19%
30 Nov 20
Islands 9 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$932Select-17%
09 Dec 20
Islands 10 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,059Select-15%
19 Dec 20
Main Events 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,348Select-22%
27 Dec 20
Main Events 11 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,885Select-39%
07 Jan 21
Islands 9 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,369Select
16 Jan 21
Islands 7 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,003Select
23 Jan 21
Sea Break 4 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$684Select
27 Jan 21
Islands 9 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,029Select
05 Feb 21
Sea Break 3 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$440Select-10%
08 Feb 21
Islands 10 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,175Select
18 Feb 21
Sea Break 4 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$538Select
22 Feb 21
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$980Select
02 Mar 21
Islands 10 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,175Select
12 Mar 21
Sea Break 3 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$440Select-10%
15 Mar 21
Feature 10 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,371Select
25 Mar 21
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$907Select
02 Apr 21
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,101Select
10 Apr 21
Islands 9 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,272Select
19 Apr 21
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,004Select
27 Apr 21
Islands 10 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,224Select
07 May 21
Sea Break 3 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$440Select-10%
10 May 21
Islands 9 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,029Select
19 May 21
Islands 8 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$980Select
27 May 21
Sea Break 4 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$538Select
31 May 21
Islands 11 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,371Select
11 Jun 21
Sea Break 4 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$635Select
15 Jun 21
Islands 10 NightsCarnival SplendorSydneySydney$1,321Select