Your gateway from the very top of the Adriatic Sea, cruises from Trieste promise extraordinary Mediterranean adventure. Europe is all but yours with Italy, Croatia, and Greece all at your doorstep. Plus, with Venice only a stones throw away, you can pair your cruise from Trieste, Italy with a couple of days in the ever-alluring floating city. Sit back and relax as you journey to fantastic sights on cruises from Trieste!

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Explore this enchanting border-town on cruises from Trieste

A melting-pot of cultures including the Italian, Austrian, Croatian, and so many more, cruises from Trieste are a splendid starting point of any voyage. Offering a plethora of exciting sights and sounds all-year-long, your time in this charming city is destined to be magical. Sip a Venetian-styled coffee at a charming café then uncover its Hapsburg past at one of its amazing museums. Fall in love with the gorgeous architecture and awe-inspiring sculptures then order up a sumptuous wine at a romantic restaurant. From cosy museums to enriching walking paths filled with history, you’ll never run out of activities before your cruise from Trieste.

Stop by Venice before your Trieste cruise

For any traveller about to embark on a Trieste cruise, visiting Venice needs to be at the top of their list. Whether it’s a part of the itinerary itself or a pre/post cruise jaunt, a trip to Venice is always worth it, especially for first time visitors. While St Marks square is by far the biggest attraction, Venice has an abundance of riveting sites and experiences no matter where you turn. From the treasure trove of museums, delectable Grand Canal facing eateries, to the iconic Gondola ride, it’s everything one could ask for as part of their cruise from Trieste.

Destinations for cruises from Trieste, Italy

It’s all about the Mediterranean when you embark on cruises from Trieste! With the sunny shores of Italy, Croatia, and Greece only a day or two away, it’s no wonder why more and more people choose to set sail from this beautiful city. Join world-renowned cruise lines including MSC, Cunard Line, and Holland America on a rapidly growing selection of must-see itineraries that’ll have you hopping from one sun-soaked shore to the next. From the turquoise waters of the Greek Islands, the romantic eastern coast of Italy, to the dreamy old towns of Croatia, we’re certain your Trieste cruise will be one for the ages.

For other cruise ports with similar itineraries, we suggest looking into cruises from Athens, cruises from Venice, and cruises from Bari.

Frequently Asked Questions for Trieste cruises

How do I get from Venice to Trieste Cruise Port?

You have a few options to travel to Venice from the Port of Trieste:

  1. Through the cruise line: If it’s part of your cruise, the cruise line will almost certainly have a shore excursion heading out to Venice for the day. Keep an eye out and book it in early as spots will likely fill out fast.
  2. Private car hire: If it’s before or after your cruise, hiring a private car might be the best option for you. While likely the most expensive option, it’ll all but guarantee peace of mind knowing that you’ll have a means to getting to Venice.
  3. Via bus or train: The most affordable option, there are a number of bus routes and trains that head directly to the city. If you have time to spare, this option is a solid choice but be sure to take care of your luggage as you transfer from one mode of transport to the next.

What is the closest airport to Trieste?

Trieste airport is the closest option to this Italian city. However, international flights directly to this airport are extremely limited and you’ll likely need to take a separate flight with a regional airline to reach this location. Alternatively, you can catch an international flight to Venice airport and take a two hour transfer to Trieste. Otherwise, the next closest international airport is in Ljubljana. However, this means you’ll likely need to cross international borders.

What are some things to do in Trieste?

Trieste boasts a very lively coffee scene and is a magnificent spot to order up a cup of varying different styles. As the leading coffee port in the Mediterranean, it’s the hub of many coffee lovers across the globe. If coffee isn’t your thing, you can wander along the beautiful Trieste waterfront and take a leisurely stroll before ordering up a delectable waterside meal at the various local restaurants. With such a rich Austrian-Hungary history as well, Trieste is rich with various museums and landmarks that deep-dive into its storied past.

Booking with a big group?

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