Costa Firenze

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Uncover new delights on Costa Firenze

Inspired by the enchanting Florence, Costa Firenze is providing an enthralling and truly authentic Italian cruise experience. A sister ship to the successful Costa Venezia, Costa Firenze has a wonderful selection of comfortable cabins, enticing dining venues, and stimulating onboard activities guaranteed to keep passengers entertained throughout their memorable voyage. Set sail onboard Costa Firenze and find a dream cruise that is just right for you!

Costa Firenze has been specially designed to explore the wonders of South-East Asia, with a multitude of amazing cruises stopping through Hong Kong, Singapore, and China. For the traveller avidly looking to discover this magical region of culture and wonder, Costa Firenze is the perfect gateway to it. Check out the wonderful selection of Costa cruises on Costa Firenze today!

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Accommodation on Costa Firenze

The marvellous Costa Firenze boasts a wonderful selection of well-appointed suites and comfortable staterooms for their guests to choose from. Each stateroom or suite is fitted with the essentials such as a hairdryer, safe, writing desk, and a beautiful flat-screen TV.

The Inside staterooms are necessary for those wishing to mostly spend their time traversing their destination or vessel, while the Oceanview staterooms are great for explorers who want to have a scenic view of the horizon without worrying about windswept hair. Conversely, Balcony staterooms have been purpose-built with a private veranda, brilliant for passengers who want a secluded outdoor space to relax. Meanwhile, the glorious suites on Costa Firenze come with an abundance of space, convenient locations near popular facilities, and luxurious amenities to ensure a stress-free holiday.



Serving delicious and authentic Italian cuisine, Casanova stands as the premier dining destination for any cruise on Costa Firenze. With Italian style dishes prepared by professionally trained chefs, your time in Casanova is nothing short of impeccable. Beautifully cooked and tantalisingly prepared, Casanova is sure to impress all who enter.

Lu Hot Pot

Choose from an enticing selection of fresh seafood, juicy meat, and enjoyable vegetables then cook them to perfection yourself at the bustling Lu Hot Pot. An ever-vibrant and warm locale, Lu Hot Pot is fantastic for groups of friends or families who are looking for a venue to all connect on the timeless activity of cooking. Cook up a storm onboard Costa Firenze and head to the amazing Lu Hot Pot!

Other dining options:

  • The Main Restaurant (Canal Grande & Marco Polo)
  • Frutti di Mare
  • Lanai BBQ Restaurant
  • La Fiorentina Steak House
  • Napoli Pizza

Onboard activities & things to do

Bvlgari Festa

Partnering with the world-renowned luxury jewellery brand, Costa Cruises have delightfully crafted the remarkable Bvlgari Jewellery Fashion Show. This multisensory production will invite passengers to a night of glamour and elegance as they are showcased a gorgeous selection of precious gemstones. Creatively presented, Bvlgari Festa makes a strong connection between the guests and the famed company.

Juventus Experience

Another outstanding partnership, Costa Cruises are working with the world-famous Italian football club Juventus to create an unforgettable experience onboard Costa Firenze. From the history-filled “Juventus Museum” filled with insightful information and memorabilia to the Juventus Academy, where Juventus-trained coaches teach children aged 5 to 14 fundamental football skills, Costa Firenze will live and breathe the extraordinary team. For fans of the team to casual enthusiasts of football, the Juventus experience is simply fantastic.

Other onboard activities and things to do:

  • Shopping
  • Giardino Dello Rose
  • VR Experience
  • Atrium
  • Lounge delle Stelle
  • Golden Party
  • Karaoke
  • Bella Bar