The Pacific Aria, like her sister ship the Pacific Dawn, offers year round cruises from the Queensland capital of Brisbane throughout 2019. Give her a try with one of her taster cruises – three night cruises sail into the Pacific from Brisbane and then circle back, while four night cruises give you the opportunity to visit the Great Barrier Reef with stops in either Airlie Beach or Hamilton Island.  If you’re looking to explore more of Queensland’s beautiful coastline, have a look at Pacific Aria’s Australian explorations visiting tropical destinations including Cairns, Willis Island and Townsville (with a couple of itineraries that head south to Sydney and back) over the course of five to nine nights.

For more tropical beach destinations, Pacific Aria’s South Pacific itineraries operate throughout the year (including the winter months for those wanting to thaw on a beach break) and visit Vanuatu, New Caledonia and in some instances Fiji.  For South Pacific itineraries that are a little bit different, have a look at the variety of feature cruises including itineraries to Tonga.

In 2020 Pacific Aria is migrating south!  In February and March 2020, she will cruise from Melbourne with a series of short taster cruises or longer Australian explorations and then Adelaide to offer the same for cruisers in South Australia.  She’ll spend the winter months offering round trip cruises departing from Auckland before returning to Sydney for the summer cruising season. From Sydney, take a 3 or 4 night taster cruise, or journey to the South Pacific islands.

Looking for something else? View more options for P&O Australia cruises, or view the full range of cruises from Brisbane, cruises from Melbourne and cruises from Adelaide.

Book one of the many Pacific Aria cruises available and let your troubles float away. Hang out in a luxury penthouse suite, dig in with sixteen dining experiences, catch a movie at the Premium Cinema and swim in the top deck pool – it’s open no matter the weather thanks to a climate controlled retractable roof!

Relax & Unwind

If non-stop activities onboard the Pacific Aria aren’t your cup of tea, perhaps we can interest you in an actual cup of tea? Or maybe a spot of retail therapy? Whether surrendering to sleep-ins, saying hello to the sunrise or even just reading a book as you inhale the fresh sea air, it’s the little moments of me time that make all the difference.

Retail Therapy
Whether it’s window-shopping or a shopping spree, we’re taking onboard shopping to a whole new level.

Hair Salon
Get yourself a fresh new‘do at our full service hair salon. Let our qualified hairdressers work their magic on your mop.


At our onboard day spa you can relax your muscles, relieve your tension and clear your mind. And we’re not just talking facials and massages. Reflexology, acupuncture, men’s treatments, even teeth whitening are all on the menu.

The Dome
Ascend high above the top deck to The Dome viewpoint. You’ll get the best view on the ship.

Top Deck Pools

Enjoy the climate controlled haven of the top deck pool. With understated decor and high end furnishings in a relaxed setting, the design brings the indoors, outdoors. And the retractable roof lets you relax during the day or enjoy live music and cocktails in the evening, no matter the weather.

Ocean Bar
Welcome to the ships living room. Ocean features comfy chaise lounges with a really relaxed, homey vibe.

Play The Day Away

We have a world of activities for you to discover onboard. From party nights to the P&O Edge Adventure Park, Kids Clubs to the adults-only Oasis – there’s something fun for everyone. Choose from over 60 activities onboard daily or choose to sit by the pool and do absolutely nothing at all. With P&O’s Pacific Aria, the way you holiday is up to you.

Flying Fox
Operating both day and night, have your turn to fly through the air and enjoy a bird’s eye view of all the action on top deck!

P&O Edge Adventure Park
P&O Edge is not for the faint hearted. If you’re up for some extra adventure, join the adrenaline junkies at P&O Edge Adventure Park.

It’s Australia’s largest adventure park at sea, and take it from us, it’s awesome! Have you ever wanted to, say, race down a zip line on the top deck of a cruise ship? At P&O Edge you can! With up to 19 exciting activities you can get really get your heart pumping. Reach the top with the funnel climb, don’t look down when crossing the slackline or take a leap of faith on the flying fox. Plus experience new activities like Walk The Plank, Crow’s Nest Viewpoint and the Boulder Wall.

Mixology Classes
Be taught how to make four of our onboard cocktails plus some take home tips for creating your own.

Sports Court
Game, set, match. At our basketball and tennis courts there is plenty of space to practice or play with friends


The sun has gone down but the fun is by no means over yet. After dark get ready for live music, comedy, theme nights, production shows and more. And the best bit? No tickets or taxis required, the party’s ready when you are.

Spectacular Shows

Dinner and a show will never be the same after a Pacific Aria cruise. Our original production shows keep you entertained.

Adult Only Sit Down Comedy Club

It’s a laugh-a-minute at the adults only sit-down comedy club, the perfect place to kick back and relax onboard.


There are roulette and blackjack tables, gaming lessons for beginners and poker machines to bring even more luck to your cruise.

Blue Room

Head to the Blue Room for live music all day (and all night) long. With everything from Blues to RnB, jazz and funk, this isn’t your typical cruise music. It’s the perfect venue for a nightcap after one of our brand new production shows or themed parties.

The Dome

Let our resident DJs help you dance the night away. They know just how to get the party started so make sure you wear the right shoes to burn a hole in the dance floor.

Triva & Game Show

Join in a round of trivia with friends or take part in one of our popular game shows.


What sets us apart from other cruise lines? Our commitment to innovative, fresh and fantastic food – otherwise known as P&O’s Food Revolution. There’s a minimum of eight dining experiences onboard each ship, and even more onboard our new Ships Pacific Aria and Pacific Eden. From Australia’s only celebrity chef restaurant at sea to a room service snack at any time, there’s something for everyone.

Chef’s table

Chef’s Table is a dinner you’ll never forget. An exclusive and private dining experience hosted by our Executive Chef.

The Chef’s Table experience can be booked once onboard. Charges apply.

Salt grill by Luke Mangan

Exclusive to P&O, Salt grill the first Australian celebrity chef restaurant at sea. You’ll love this unforgettable dining experience.

The Grill

Eat alfresco on the top deck at The Grill where the vibe is casual and the meals are mouth-watering.

Waterfront Restaurant

With over 40 à la carte menu items for breakfast, lunch and dinner, this modern Australian restaurant serves up a sophisticated selection.

Dragon Lady

Be seduced by the exotic spices on the modern Pan-Asian menu at our brand new restaurant Dragon Lady.


  • Passengers: 1,260
  • Length: 219 m/719 ft
  • Tonnage: 55, 820
  • Guest decks: 9
  • Maximum speed: 20 knots
  • Built: UK Registration
DateCruiseShipDepartureReturnPorts of CallMin PriceSave up to*
09 Feb 20
Australia 5 NightsPacific AriaMelbourneMelbourneShow$999,999Select
14 Feb 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaMelbourneMelbourne$651Select-13%
17 Feb 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaMelbourneMelbourneShow$870Select-13%
21 Feb 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaMelbourneMelbourne$707Select-13%
24 Feb 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaMelbourneMelbourneShow$853Select-13%
28 Feb 20
Australia 7 NightsPacific AriaMelbourneMelbourneShow$4,340Select-15%
06 Mar 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaMelbourneMelbourne$651Select-12%
09 Mar 20
Comedy 2 NightsPacific AriaMelbourneAdelaide$287Select-20%
11 Mar 20
Australia 8 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaideShow$1,543Select-29%
19 Mar 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaideShow$1,038Select-10%
23 Mar 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaideShow$1,087Select-11%
27 Mar 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaide$751Select-13%
30 Mar 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaideShow$758Select-12%
03 Apr 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaide$568Select-14%
13 Dec 19
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaBrisbaneBrisbane$999,999Select
16 Dec 19
Christmas 12 NightsPacific AriaBrisbaneBrisbaneShow$999,999Select
28 Dec 19
New Years 9 NightsPacific AriaBrisbaneBrisbaneShow$999,999Select
06 Jan 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaBrisbaneBrisbaneShow$1,890Select
10 Jan 20
Australia 7 NightsPacific AriaBrisbaneBrisbaneShow$2,176Select-24%
17 Jan 20
Islands 7 NightsPacific AriaBrisbaneBrisbaneShow$953Select-37%
24 Jan 20
Australia Day 4 NightsPacific AriaBrisbaneBrisbaneShow$999,999Select
28 Jan 20
Islands 8 NightsPacific AriaBrisbaneBrisbaneShow$1,449Select-30%
05 Feb 20
Comedy 4 NightsPacific AriaBrisbaneMelbourneShow$585Select-15%
06 Apr 20
Sea Break 6 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAucklandShow$999,999Select
12 Apr 20
Islands 10 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$1,825Select-30%
22 Apr 20
Islands 8 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$1,066Select-37%
30 Apr 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$588Select-15%
04 May 20
Islands 8 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$1,163Select-35%
12 May 20
Islands 10 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$1,310Select-36%
22 May 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAuckland$842Select-13%
25 May 20
Islands 8 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$948Select-40%
02 Jun 20
Islands 10 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$1,270Select-37%
12 Jun 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAuckland$731Select-15%
15 Jun 20
Islands 8 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$1,073Select-37%
23 Jun 20
Islands 11 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$1,384Select-38%
04 Jul 20
Islands 8 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$938Select-40%
12 Jul 20
Islands 10 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$1,563Select-33%
22 Jul 20
Feature 14 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$1,452Select-42%
05 Aug 20
Islands 10 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$1,163Select-39%
15 Aug 20
Islands 8 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$1,073Select-37%
23 Aug 20
Islands 12 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$1,362Select-40%
04 Sep 20
Sea Break 3 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAuckland$585Select-15%
07 Sep 20
Islands 10 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$1,476Select-34%
17 Sep 20
Islands 8 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$938Select-40%
25 Sep 20
Islands 9 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$1,411Select-33%
04 Oct 20
Islands 8 NightsPacific AriaAucklandAucklandShow$938Select-40%
12 Oct 20
Comedy 4 NightsPacific AriaAucklandSydney$346Select-22%
16 Oct 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydney$400Select-17%
19 Oct 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydneyShow$495Select-17%
23 Oct 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydney$400Select-17%
26 Oct 20
Islands 10 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydneyShow$1,084Select-41%
05 Nov 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydneyShow$495Select-17%
09 Nov 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydneyShow$495Select-17%
13 Nov 20
Sea Break 3 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydneyShow$409Select-17%
16 Nov 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydneyShow$495Select-17%
20 Nov 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydney$400Select-17%
23 Nov 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydneyShow$493Select-18%
27 Nov 20
Islands 10 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydneyShow$1,071Select-42%
07 Dec 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydneyShow$493Select-18%
11 Dec 20
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydney$396Select-18%
14 Dec 20
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydneyShow$493Select-18%
18 Dec 20
Christmas 10 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydneyShow$999,999Select
28 Dec 20
New Years 10 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydneyShow$1,348Select-37%
07 Jan 21
Islands 8 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydneyShow$1,165Select-36%
15 Jan 21
Islands 9 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydneyShow$1,256Select-36%
24 Jan 21
Australia Day 3 NightsPacific AriaSydneySydney$443Select-17%
27 Jan 21
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaSydneyAdelaide$350Select-20%
30 Jan 21
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaide$394Select-18%
02 Feb 21
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaideShow$489Select-18%
06 Feb 21
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaideShow$651Select-15%
10 Feb 21
Southern DiscoveryPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaideShow$1,237Select-38%
20 Feb 21
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaide$418Select-18%
23 Feb 21
Australia 7 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaideShow$794Select-42%
02 Mar 21
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaideShow$604Select-16%
06 Mar 21
Comedy 3 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaide$510Select-16%
09 Mar 21
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaideShow$651Select-15%
13 Mar 21
Sea Break 3 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideAdelaide$478Select-16%
16 Mar 21
Sea Break 3 NightsPacific AriaAdelaideMelbourneShow$397Select-18%
19 Mar 21
Australia 7 NightsPacific AriaMelbourneMelbourneShow$1,119Select-34%
26 Mar 21
Sea Break 3 NightsPacific AriaMelbourneMelbourne$512Select-16%
29 Mar 21
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaMelbourneMelbourneShow$605Select-16%
02 Apr 21
Sea Break 3 NightsPacific AriaMelbourneMelbourne$512Select-16%
05 Apr 21
Sea Break 4 NightsPacific AriaMelbourneMelbourneShow$605Select-16%
09 Apr 21
Repositioning 18 NightsPacific AriaMelbourneSingaporeShow$1,798Select-43%
09 Apr 21
Australia 6 NightsPacific AriaMelbournePerth (Fremantle)Show$886Select-14%
15 Apr 21
Repositioning 12 NightsPacific AriaFremantleSingaporeShow$1,674Select-36%


Celebrate Australia Day in true blue style! Our Australia Day P&O cruises celebrate all things Aussie with themed competitions, music, family entertainment and a whole lot more.
Book By 26-01-2021


Forget snowmen, mistletoe and log fires. Christmas in the southern hemisphere is all about long sunny days, and relaxing by the pool or on a beach. P&O’s Christmas cruises will let you enjoy quality time with friends and family without the usual hassles and stresses of Christmas – no slaving over a hot stove or cleaning up afterwards! You can also give your vocal chords a workout with festive carolling, see the look on the kid’s faces when Santa visits with presents and enjoy delicious Christmas fare with all the trimmings for lunch and dinner on Christmas Day.
Book By 20-12-2020


Celebrate with P&O this New Year’s Eve and have all your organising done for you. Hosting a party, queuing to get into a venue or finding a taxi won’t be an issue! As for the next day tidy up P&O have got you covered too. There’ll be multiple venues open until late and you can be sure we’ll have a party with a live band leading the festivities.
Book By 29-12-2020


Spend a few nights at sea as some of Australia’s best comedians take the stage each night. With the Comedy Cruise Gala (a must-see), an up close and personal chat to the comedians and a cheeky adults-only shows in the Sit Down Comedy Club, there’s something to make everyone smile. If you think you have what it takes to take the stage, try a Comedy Workshop where our pros will give you inside tips. Then, with your new skills, make your debut at the Comedy Gong Show, where our celebrity comedians will judge your performance. Who knows? You could be discovered on the night!
Book By 11-06-2021


For a limited time, book on the ‘Value’ or ‘Value Plus’ fare and receive shipboard credit on selected departures*
Book By 25-02-2020


For a limited time, book on the ‘Value’ or ‘Value Plus’ fare and receive shipboard credit*PLUS pay just $1 per person deposit on selected departures*
Book By 25-02-2020

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